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Sánchez, David
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Sánchez Martín, David
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CSIC-UIB - Instituto de Física Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (IFISC)
Física Interdisciplinar. Grupo: Complex Systems
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Nanophysics, quantum transport, spintronics, strong correlations, language variation.
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1openAccessseebeck_diode_Hwang.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2016A hybrid superconducting quantum dot acting as an efficient charge and spin Seebeck diodeHwang, Sun-Yong; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
2openAccessAndreev-Coulomb.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2020Andreev-Coulomb Drag in Coupled Quantum DotsTabatabaei, S. Mojtaba; Sánchez, David  ; Yeyati, Alfredo Levy; Sánchez, Rafael artículo
3closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Concordance between whole-cell matrix-assisted laser-desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and multilocus sequence analysis approaches in species discrimination within the genus PseudomonasMulet, Magdalena; Gomila, Margarita; Scotta, Claudia; Sánchez, David  ; Lalucat, Jorge ; García-Valdés, Elena artículo
4openAccessquantum_dots_Keller.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2016Cotunneling Drag Effect in Coulomb-Coupled Quantum DotsKeller, A. J.; Lim, Jong-Soo ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  ; Amasha, S.; Katine, J. A.; Shtrikman, Hadas; Goldhaber-Gordon, D.artículo
5openAccesscoulomb-blockade_Alomar.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2016Coulomb-blockade effect in nonlinear mesoscopic capacitorsAlomar, María Isabel; Lim, Jong-Soo ; Sánchez, David  artículo
6openAccessquantum_dots_Hwang.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2015Cross thermoelectric coupling in normal-superconductor quantum dotsHwang, Sun-Yong; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
7openAccesscrowdsourcing_dialect_Goncalves.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2014Crowdsourcing dialect characterization through twitterGonçalves, Bruno; Sánchez, David  artículo
8openAccessPhysRevB.60.4489.pdf.jpg1999Current self-oscillations, spikes, and crossover between charge monopole and dipole waves in semiconductor superlatticesSánchez, David  ; Moscoso, M.; Bonilla, Luis L. ; Platero, Gloria ; Aguado, Ramón artículo
9openAccessdynamic_thermoelectric_Lim.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2013Dynamic thermoelectric and heat transport in mesoscopic capacitorsLim, Jong-Soo ; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
10openAccessdynamical_energy_transfer_Ludovico.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2014Dynamical energy transfer in ac-driven quantum systemsLudovico, María Florencia; Lim, Jong-Soo ; Moskalets, Michael; Arrachea, Liliana; Sánchez, David  artículo
11closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2000Dynamics of electric field domain walls in semiconductor superlatticesSánchez, David  ; Moscoso, M.; Bonilla, Luis L. ; Platero, Gloria ; Aguado, Ramón artículo
12openAccesselectron_systems_Ludovico.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2016Dynamics of energy transport and entropy production in ac-driven quantum electron systemsLudovico, María Florencia; Moskalets, Michael; Sánchez, David  ; Arrachea, Lilianaartículo
13openAccessLim_2018_New_J._Phys._20_023038.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2018Engineering drag currents in Coulomb coupled quantum dotsLim, Jong-Soo ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
14openAccessPhysRevB_76_045339.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2007Evanescent states in quantum wires with Rashba spin-orbit couplingSerra, Llorenç  ; Sánchez, David  ; López, Rosa  artículo
15openAccessverification_reciprocity_relations_Mathews.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2014Experimental verification of reciprocity relations in quantum thermoelectric transportMatthews, J.; Battista, F.; Sánchez, David  ; Samuelsson, P.; Linke, H.artículo
16openAccessPhysRevB_74_153313.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2006Fano-Rashba effect in a quantum wireSánchez, David  ; Serra, Llorenç  artículo
17openAccessKondo_effect.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2017Fate of the spin-1/2 Kondo effect in the presence of temperature gradientsSierra, Miguel A.; López, Rosa  ; Sánchez, David  artículo
18openAccessPhysRevLett.108.246603.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2012Fluctuation relations for spintronicsLópez, Rosa  ; Lim, Jong-Soo ; Sánchez, David  artículo
19openAccessPhysRevB.100.081404.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2019Fluctuation-driven Coulomb drag in interacting quantum dot systemsSierra, Miguel A.; Sánchez, David  ; Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Kaasbjerg, Kristenartículo
20openAccessfocus_thermoelectric_Sanchez.pdf.jpgNov-2014Focus on thermoelectric effects in nanostructuresSánchez, David  ; Linke, H.artículo