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Santos de Dios, Eugenio
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Santos, Eugenio
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CSIC-USAL - Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular del Cancer de Salamanca (IBMCC)
Laboratorio 1: Ras Gene Products in Proliferation and Differentation Signaling Pathways. Grupo: Ras mediated signalling. Jefe de grupo.
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Director del centro.
Small GTPases and cancer
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010A genome-wide association study for myopia and refractive error identifies a susceptibility locus at 15q25Fernández-Medarde, Alberto; Manyes, Lara; Porteros, Ángel; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Hammond, Christopher J.Artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017A new functional role uncovered for RASGRF2 in control of nuclear migration in cone photoreceptors during postnatal retinal developmentJimeno, David ; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
3closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016A translational systems biology approach in both animals and humans identifies a functionally related module of accumbal genes involved in the regulation of reward processing and binge drinking in malesStacey, David; Lourdusamy, Anbarasu; Ruggeri, Barbara; Maroteaux, Matthieu; Jia, Tianye; Cattrell, Anna; Nymberg, Charlotte; Banaschewski, Tobias; Bhattacharyya, Sohinee; Band, Hamid; Barker, Gareth; Bokde, Arun; Buchel, Christian; Carvalho, Fabiana; Conrod, Patricia; Desrivieres, Sylvane; Easton, Alanna C.; Fauth-Buehler, Mira; Fernández-Medarde, Alberto; Flor, Herta; Frouin, Vincent; Gallinat, Jurgen; Garavanh, Hugh; Heinz, Andreas; Ittermann, Bernd; Lathrop, Mark; Lawrence, Claire; Loth, Eva; Mann, Karl; Martinot, Jean-Luc; Nees, Frauke; Paus, Tomas; Pausova, Zdenka; Rietschel, Marcella; Rotter, Andrea; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Smolka, Michael; Sommer, Wolfgang; Mameli, Manuel; Spanagel, Rainer; Girault, Jean-Antoine; Mueller, Christian; Schumann, GunetrddArtículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Activation of Erk1/2 and Akt following unilateral ureteral obstructionRodríguez-Peña, Ana B.; Guerrero Arroyo, María del Carmen  ; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; López-Novoa, José M.Artículo
5openAccess10.1371-journal.pone.0008703.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2010Analysis of K-Ras nuclear expression in fibroblasts and mesangial cellsFuentes-Calvo, Isabel; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; López-Novoa, José M.Artículo
6openAccessC3G mediated suppression.pdf.jpg2007C3G mediated suppression of malignant transformation involves activation of PP2A phosphatases at the subcortical actin cytoskeletonMartín-Encabo, Susana; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Guerrero Arroyo, María del Carmen  Artículo
7openAccessC3G-mediated.pdf.jpg2004C3G-mediated suppression of oncogene-induced focus formation in fibroblasts involves inhibition of ERK activation, cyclin A expression and alterations of anchorage-independent growthGuerrero Arroyo, María del Carmen  ; Martín-Encabo, Susana; Fernández-Medarde, Alberto; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
8openAccessCharacterization of p87C3G.pdf.jpg2006Characterization of p87C3G, a novel, truncated C3G isoform that is overexpressed in chronic myeloid leukemia and interacts with Bcr-AblGutierrez-Berzal, Javier; Castellano, Esther; Martín-Encabo, Susana; Gutiérrez-Cianca, N.; Hernández, Jesús M.  ; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Guerrero Arroyo, María del Carmen  Artículo
9openAccessDeletion of H-Ras decreases renal fibrosis and myofibroblas.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2010Deletion of H-Ras decreases renal fibrosis and myofibroblast activation following ureteral obstruction in miceGrande, M. Teresa; Fuentes-Calvo, Isabel; Arévalo, Miguel; Heredia, Fabiana; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Martínez-Salgado, Carlos; Rodríguez-Puyol, Diego; Nieto, M. Ángela ; López-Novoa, José M.Artículo
10closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Differential involvement of H- and K-Ras in Raf-1 activation determines the role of calmodulin in MAPK signalingMoretó, Jemina; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
11openAccessRasSignalingResearch.pdf.jpg2014Dimerization opens new avenues into Ras signaling researchSantos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
12openAccessDistinct Utilization of Effectors.pdf.jpgJan-2006Distinct utilization of effectors and biological outcomes resulting from site-specific ras activation: Ras functions in lipid rafts and golgi complex are dispensable for proliferation and transformationMatallanas, David; Sanz-Moreno, Victoria; Arozarena, Imanol; Calvo, Fernando; Agudo-Ibáñez, Lorena; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; Berciano, María T.; Crespo, Piero Artículo
13openAccessSos1Sos2.pdf.jpg2013Functional redundancy of Sos1 and Sos2 for lymphopoiesis and organismal homeostasis and survivalBaltanás, Fernando C.; Pérez-Andrés, Martin; Ginel-Picardo, Alicia; Díaz, David ; Jimeno, David ; Liceras-Boillos, Pilar; Orfao, Alberto  ; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Functional specificity of Ras isoforms: So similar but so differentCastellano, Esther; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Genetic analysis of Ras signalling pathways in cell proliferation, migration and survivalDrosten, Matthias; Urosevic, Jelena; Esteban, Luis Miguel; Castellano, Esther; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2011H-ras and N-ras are dispensable for T-cell development and activation but critical for protective Th1 immunityIborra, Salvador; Soto, Manuel ; Castellano, Esther; Alarcón, Balbino ; Alonso, Carlos ; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012H-Ras isoform modulates extracellular matrix synthesis, proliferation, and migration in fibroblastsFuentes-Calvo, Isabel; Blázquez-Medela, Ana M.; Eleno, Nélida; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; López-Novoa, José M.; Martínez-Salgado, CarlosArtículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2006Involvement of H- and N-Ras isoforms in transforming growth factor-β1-induced proliferation and in collagen and fibronectin synthesisMartínez-Salgado, Carlos; Fuentes-Calvo, Isabel; García-Cenador, Begoña; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  ; López-Novoa, José M.Artículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Laser microdissection and microarray analysis of the hippocampus of Ras-GRF1 knockout mice reveals gene expression changes affecting signal transduction pathways related to memory and learningFernández-Medarde, Alberto; Porteros, Ángel; De Las Rivas, Javier ; Núñez, Alejandro; Fuster, J. J.; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo
20closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Mammalian son of sevenless guanine nucleotide exchange factors: Old concepts and new perspectivesRojas, José M.; Oliva, José Luis; Santos de Dios, Eugenio  Artículo