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Serrano, Antonio
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CSIC - Instituto de la Grasa (IG)
Biotecnologia de Alimentos
The principal academics achievements are the Degree on Environmental Sciences (University of Córdoba, 2004/2009), Master on Chemical Science and Technology (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 2009/2011) and PhD degree on Science and Technology (University of Córdoba, 2011/2015), qualified Cum Laude and awarded with the Special doctorate award. The International mention in the PhD was awarded through an internship (3 months) in Wageningen UR (The Netherlands), one of the top-ranked research institutions in the world. An additional doctoral internship was done at University of Granada (1 month). During the post-doctoral period, the research career has been developed at the private sector (R&D department of the company Aqualia S.A., Spain), the Spanish National Research Council (Instituto de la Grasa, Spain) and The University of Queensland (Australia). A post-doctoral research internship (1 month) was carried out in the National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinarian Research INIAV I.P., in Elvas, Portugal. Currently, Dr Serrano has a position as Juan de la Cierva-Incorporacion researcher at the Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC). Dr Serrano has a high international experience, including his 3-years postdoctoral position at the University of Queensland (Australia), a top-50 worldwide university, and the participation as chairperson assistant in the European research network Cost Action ES1302. Furthermore, he has been the secretary of the ‘UQ-Chilean Platform for sharing experiences on teaching in STEM’, an international workshop with the participation of academics from different Australian and Chilean universities. Currently, he is the Financial Officer of the International Training Network M2ex-European Joint Doctorate programme. In the last 10 years, Dr Serrano has participated in 16 R&D projects (12 funded by public entities and 4 with private companies). The applicant has acted as principal investigator (or co-PI) in five of these projects, with a granted amount on these five projects of €155,536.00. The high publication capacity of Dr Serrano is shown by the publication of 52 articles in JCR journals, most of them Q1. The applicant is also associate editor of the Advancements in Civil Engineering & Technology (ACET), and review editor of Environmental Chemical Engineering (specialty section of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering). The applicant has participated in International and National Congresses with 21 Oral communications and 20 posters. Dr Serrano has been involved in 5 Organizing Committees, i.e. 1 National Congress and 4 International Congresses. Dr Serrano has participated in ten activities for the dissemination of scientific knowledge during his research career, as well as he has published three popular science articles. The teaching experience includes the teaching in different subjects of the degrees of Environmental Science and Food Science and Technology at the University of Córdoba. Furthermore, the applicant acted as supervisor of 1 Master’s thesis and 4 Degree thesis. Currently, is acting as the main supervisor of 4 PhD students: 1 at the University of Queensland, 1 at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide and 2 from the M2ex-European Joint Doctorate programme. The applicant has also acted as supervisor for 5 research internships.
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2005A framework for computational and experimental methods: Identifying dimerization residues in CCR chemokine receptorsJuan, David de; Mellado, Mario ; Rodríguez Frade, José Miguel; Hernanz-Falcón, Patricia; Serrano, Antonio ; Sol, Antonio del; Valencia, Alfonso; Martínez-A, Carlos; Rojas, A. M. artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Assessment of the treatment, production and characteristics of WWTP sludge in Andalusia by multivariate analysisGonzález, Inmaculada; Serrano, Antonio ; García-Olmo, Juan; Gutiérrez, M.Carmen; Chica, Arturo F.; Martín, M. Ángeles artículo
3openAccessmolecules-25-05438.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2020Biogas Potential of the Side Streams Obtained in a Novel Phenolic Extraction System from Olive Mill Solid WasteFernández-Prior, África; Trujillo-Reyes, Ángeles ; Serrano, Antonio ; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Reinhard, Claudio; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
4openAccessPostprint_2017_WasteManagement.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2017Biomethanization of olive mill solid waste after phenols recovery through low-temperature thermal pre-treatmentSerrano, Antonio ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  ; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Fernández-Bolaños Guzmán, Juan  ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
5openAccessParaptotiCell.pdf.jpg2003Calcium influx through receptor-operated channel induces mitochondria-triggered paraptotic cell deathJambrina, Enrique; Alonso, Roberto ; Alcalde, Marta; Rodríguez, María del Carmen ; Serrano, Antonio ; Martínez-A, Carlos; García-Sancho, Javier ; Izquierdo, Manuel  artículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Can aquatic worms enhance methane production from waste activated sludge?Serrano, Antonio ; Hendrickx, Tim L.G.; Elissen, Hellen H.J.; Laarhoven, Bob; Buisman, Cees J.N.; Temmink, Hardyartículo
7openAccessPostprint_2017_JEnvManagement_V205_P215.pdf.jpgJan-2018Challenges of scaling-up PHA production from waste streams. A reviewRodríguez Pérez, Santiago; Serrano, Antonio ; Pantión, Alba A.; Alonso Fariñas, Bernabéartículo
8openAccessGYA_2016_V67_e146.pdf.jpg2016Culture of microalgae biomass for valorization of table olive processing waterContreras, C.G.; Serrano, Antonio ; Ruiz-Filippi, G.; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
9openAccessEmergSciJ_2019_V3_Decreasing.pdf.jpg2019Decreasing Microbial Fuel Cell Start-Up Time Using Multi-Walled Carbon NanotubesJiménez-Rodríguez, Antonia; Serrano, Antonio ; Benjumea, Teresa; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; El Kaoutit, M.; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
10openAccessPostprit_2019_JEnvManag_V232_P397.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2019Effects of barium on the pathways of anaerobic digestionWyman, V.; Serrano, Antonio ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Jiménez, A.; Carvajal, A.; Lenz, M.; Bartacek, J.; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
11openAccessEnvironmental_Alonso_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Environmental Assessment of Olive Mill Solid Waste Valorization via Anaerobic Digestion Versus Olive Pomace Oil ExtractionAlonso-Fariñas, Bernabé; Oliva, Armando; Rodríguez-Galán, Mónica; Esposito, Giovanni; García-Martín, Juan Francisco; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Serrano, Antonio ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
12embargoedAccessPostP_2019_BEJ_V147_P11.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2019Extraction of phenolic compounds and production of biomethane from strawberry and raspberry extrudatesTrujillo-Reyes, Ángeles ; Cubero-Cardoso, Juan ; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; García-Martín, Juan Francisco; Rodríguez-Galán, Mónica; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Serrano, Antonio ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
13openAccessHigh_Value_Cubero_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020High-Value-Added Compound Recovery with High-Temperature Hydrothermal Treatment and Steam Explosion, and Subsequent Biomethanization of Residual Strawberry ExtrudateCubero-Cardoso, Juan ; Trujillo-Reyes, Ángeles ; Serrano, Antonio ; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
14embargoedAccessPostP_2021_WasteManag_V120_P202.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2021Influence of phenols and furans released during thermal pretreatment of olive mill solid waste on its anaerobic digestionCaroca, Eric; Serrano, Antonio ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  ; Jiménez, A.; Carvajal, A.; Braga, A. F. M.; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  artículo
15openAccessPostp_2020_BBB_Is_the_Anaerobic.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2020Is anaerobic digestion a feasible alternative to the combustion of olive mill solid waste in terms of energy production? A critical reviewSerrano, Antonio ; Villa-Gomez, Denys; Fermoso, Fernando G.  ; Alonso-Fariñas, Bernabéartículo
16openAccessEnergies_2019_V12_P2222.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2019Long-Term Evaluation of Mesophilic Semi-Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Olive Mill Solid Waste Pretreated with Steam-ExplosionSerrano, Antonio ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  ; Alonso-Fariñas, Bernabé; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; López, Sergio ; Fernández-Bolaños Guzmán, Juan  ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
17foods-09-01887-v2.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2020Mesophilic Semi-Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Strawberry Extrudate Pretreated with Steam ExplosionCubero-Cardoso, Juan ; Muñoz-Arjona, Andrés; Trujillo-Reyes, Ángeles ; Serrano, Antonio ; Alonso-Fariñas, Bernabé; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; Urbano, Juan; Borja, Rafael; Fermoso, Fernando G. artículo
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19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Performance evaluation of mesophilic semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of high-temperature thermally pre-treated olive mill solid wasteSerrano, Antonio ; Fermoso, Fernando G.  ; Alonso-Fariñas, Bernabé; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Guillermo  ; López, Sergio ; Fernández-Bolaños Guzmán, Juan  ; Borja Padilla, Rafael  artículo
20openAccessPostP_2020_JCP_V266_121924.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2020pH-Controlled fermentation of strawberry waste as phenol solubilisation methodSerrano, Antonio ; Newton, Georgia; Alonso-Fariñas, Bernabé; Fermoso, Fernando G. ; Villa-Gómez, Denys K.artículo