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Hervás, Gonzalo
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Hervás Angulo, Gonzalo
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CSIC – Instituto de Ganadería de Montaña (IGM)
Nutrición y Producción de Herbívoros.
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Oveja lechera. Nutrición de los rumiantes
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1openAccessCarreno et al_2015 post-print.pdf.jpg2015Ability of different types and doses of tannin extracts to modulate in vitro ruminal biohydrogenation in sheepCarreño, David ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
2embargoedAccessFrutos et al_2020_Posprint.pdf.jpg2020Ability of tannins to modulate ruminal lipid metabolism and milk and meat fatty acid profilesFrutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Natalello, Antonio; Luciano, G.; Fondevila, M.; Priolo, A.; Toral, Pablo G.  artículo
3closedAccess2008Addition of olive oil to dairy ewe diets: effect on milk fatty acid profile and animal performanceGómez-Cortés, Pilar  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  ; Juárez, Manuela  ; Fuente, Miguel Ángel de la  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  artículo
4openAccessFrutos et al_2009.PDF.jpg2009The anthelmintic effect of heather supplementation may not always be associated with antinutritional effects in grazing goatsFrutos, Pilar  ; Ferreira, Luis M. M.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; García, Urcesino; Moreno Gonzalo, Javier; Ferre, Ignacio; Celaya, Rafael; Ortega Mora, Luis M.; Osoro, Koldoartículo
5openAccessNatalello et al_2020_posprint.pdf.jpg2020Bioactive compounds from pomegranate by-products increase the in vitro ruminal accumulation of potentially health promoting fatty acidsNatalello, Antonio; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Luciano, G.; Valenti, B.; Mendoza, Alejandro G.; Pauselli, Mariano; Priolo, A.; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
6closedAccessApr-2010Changes in milk fatty acid profile and animal performance in response to fish oil supplementation, alone or in combination with sunflower oil, in dairy ewesToral, Pablo G.  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Gómez-Cortés, Pilar  ; Juárez, Manuela  ; Fuente, Miguel Ángel de la  artículo
7closedAccess2010Changes in the rumen bacterial community in response to sunflower oil and fish oil supplements in the diet of dairy sheepBelenguer, Álvaro  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  artículo
8closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2013Changes in the rumen Butyrivibrio group in lactating ewes fed a diet supplemented with sunflower oil with or without marine algaeCastro Carrera, Tamara ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  artículo
9closedAccess2005Comparison of biological and chemical methods, and internal and external standards, for assaying tannins in Spanish shrub speciesÁlvarez del Pino, María C. ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  ; Giráldez, Francisco Javier  artículo
10closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2017Comparison of feed intake, digestion and rumen function among domestic ruminant species grazing in upland vegetation communitiesFerreira, Luis M. M.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Celaya, R.; Rodrigues, M. A. M.; García, Urcesino; Frutos, Pilar  ; Osoro, Koldoartículo
11openAccessToral et al 2015 post-print.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of milk fatty acid responses during fish oil- and trans-10 cis-12 18:2-induced milk fat depression in dairy ewesToral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Carreño, David ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
12openAccessToral et al_2016_Cows vs Goats (postprint).pdf.jpgJan-2016Comparison of ruminal lipid metabolism in dairy cows and goats fed diets supplemented with starch, plant oil or fish oilToral, Pablo G.  ; Bernard, Laurence; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Rouel, J.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Chilliard, Yves; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
13closedAccess2005Comparison of sheep and red deer rumen fluids for assessing nutritive value of ruminant feedstuffsHervás, Gonzalo  ; Ranilla, María José  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  ; Tejido, María L. ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
14openAccessFrutos_et_al_2002.pdf.jpg2002Condensed tannin content of several shrub species from a mountain area in northern Spain, and its relationship to various indicators of nutritive valueFrutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Ramos, Graciano; Giráldez, Francisco Javier  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  artículo
15openAccessToral et al_2018_13OA.pdf.jpgNov-2018Conditions associated with marine lipid-induced milk fat depression in sheep cause shifts in the in vitro ruminal metabolism of 1-13C oleic acidToral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Peiró, Vanessa; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
16openAccessSuárez-Vega et al_2019.pdf.jpg2019Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)-induced milk fat depression: application of RNA-Seq technology to elucidate mammary gene regulation in dairy ewesSuárez-Vega, Aroa; Gutiérrez Gil, Beatriz; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Arranz, Juan josé; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
17closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2019Diet supplementation with a high dose of stearic acid to alleviate fish oil-induced milk fat depression in lactating ewesHervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
18openAccessBichi et al 2013_ANIFEE (post-print).pdf.jpg2013Dietary marine algae and its influence on tissue gene network expression during milk fat depression in dairy ewesBichi, Elena ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Keisler, Duane; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Loor, Juan J.artículo
19openAccessCastro-Carrera et al_2015  Postprint.pdf.jpg2015Dietary sunflower oil modulates milk fatty acid composition without major changes in adipose and mammary tissue fatty acid profile or related gene mRNA abundance in sheepCastro Carrera, Tamara ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Leroux, Christine; Chilliard, Yves; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Bernard, Laurence; Toral, Pablo G.  artículo
20openAccessFrutos et al_2000.pdf.jpg2000Digestive utilization of quebracho-treated soya bean meals in sheepFrutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Giráldez, Francisco Javier  ; Fernández Gutiérrez, Miguel  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  artículo