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Belenguer, Álvaro
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Belenguer Ferrando, Álvaro
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CSIC – Instituto de Ganadería de Montaña (IGM)
Nutrición y Producción de Herbívoros.
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Nutrición animal. Microbiología digestiva. Fermentación ruminal. Metabolismo lipídico
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1openAccessCarreno et al_2015 post-print.pdf.jpg2015Ability of different types and doses of tannin extracts to modulate in vitro ruminal biohydrogenation in sheepCarreño, David ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
2closedAccess2010Changes in the rumen bacterial community in response to sunflower oil and fish oil supplements in the diet of dairy sheepBelenguer, Álvaro  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  artículo
3closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2013Changes in the rumen Butyrivibrio group in lactating ewes fed a diet supplemented with sunflower oil with or without marine algaeCastro Carrera, Tamara ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  artículo
4closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2017Comparison of feed intake, digestion and rumen function among domestic ruminant species grazing in upland vegetation communitiesFerreira, Luis M. M.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Celaya, R.; Rodrigues, M. A. M.; García, Urcesino; Frutos, Pilar  ; Osoro, Koldoartículo
5openAccessToral et al 2015 post-print.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of milk fatty acid responses during fish oil- and trans-10 cis-12 18:2-induced milk fat depression in dairy ewesToral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Carreño, David ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
6closedAccess2004A comparison of purine derivatives excretion with conventional methods as indices of microbial yield in dairy cowsGonzález-Ronquillo, M.; Balcells, Joaquín; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Castrillo, Carlos; Mota, Marianoartículo
7openAccessToral et al_2016_Cows vs Goats (postprint).pdf.jpgJan-2016Comparison of ruminal lipid metabolism in dairy cows and goats fed diets supplemented with starch, plant oil or fish oilToral, Pablo G.  ; Bernard, Laurence; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Rouel, J.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Chilliard, Yves; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
8closedAccess2008Contribution of gut microbial lysine to liver and milk amino acids in lactating doesAbecia, Leticia; Balcells, Joaquín; Fondevila, M.; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Holtrop, Grietje; Lobley, Gerald E.artículo
9openAccessCastro-Carrera et al_2015  Postprint.pdf.jpg2015Dietary sunflower oil modulates milk fatty acid composition without major changes in adipose and mammary tissue fatty acid profile or related gene mRNA abundance in sheepCastro Carrera, Tamara ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Leroux, Christine; Chilliard, Yves; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Bernard, Laurence; Toral, Pablo G.  artículo
10openAccess2012Effect of carbohydrate source on microbial nitrogen recycling in growing rabbitsBelenguer, Álvaro  ; Abecia, Leticia; Belanche, A.; Milne, Eric; Balcells, Joaquínartículo
11openAccessPostprint Abecia et al ANIMAL 2011.pdf.jpg2011Effect of litter size and bacitracin administration on tissue protein synthesis of lactating rabbit doesAbecia, Leticia; Lobley, Gerald E.; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Fondevila, M.; McEwan, Neil R.; Balcells, Joaquínartículo
12closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2013Effect of oxalic acid on ruminal function and microbiota in sheep fed a low quality dietBenbati, Mohammed ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
13closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2013Effect of the administration of young leaves of Quercus pyrenaica on rumen fermentation in relation to oak tannin toxicosis in cattleDoce, Raquel R. ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
14openAccessDoce et al_2009_ANIFEE.pdf.jpg2009Effect of the administration of young oak (Quercus pyrenaica) leaves to cattle on ruminal fermentationDoce, Raquel R. ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Giráldez, Francisco Javier  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
15closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2013Effect of the inclusion of quebracho tannins in a diet rich in linoleic acid on milk fatty acid composition in dairy ewesToral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Bichi, Elena ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
16openAccessToral et al_2009_Small.pdf.jpg2009Effect of the supplementation of a high-concentrate diet with sunflower and fish oils on ruminal fermentation in sheepToral, Pablo G.  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  artículo
17closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2019Effects of EPA and DHA on in vitro ruminal biohydrogenation of 18-carbon fatty acids in sheepToral, Pablo G.  ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Carreño, David ; Leskinen, H.; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Shingfield, Kevin J.; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
18closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2016Effects of the inclusion of oak tannins in a diet rich in linoleic acid on in vitro rumen biohydrogenation and fermentation in sheepCarreño, David ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toral, Pablo G.  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  artículo
19closedAccess2012Evaluating the in vitro metabolism of docosahexaenoic acid in sheep rumen fluidAldai, Noelia ; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Frutos, Pilar  ; Mantecón, Ángel R.  ; Kramer, J. K. G.artículo
20closedAccessEmbargo. Digital.CSIC..pdf.jpg2012Fatty acid composition and bacterial community changes in the rumen fluid of lactating sheep fed sunflower oil plus incremental levels of marine algaeToral, Pablo G.  ; Belenguer, Álvaro  ; Shingfield, Kevin J.; Hervás, Gonzalo  ; Toivonen, V.; Frutos, Pilar  artículo