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Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos
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CSIC - Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica (ICP)
Catálisis Aplicada. Grupo: Catalizadores Nanoestructurados para Energía
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J.C. Conesa obtained in the Universidad de Barcelona the MSc degree in Chemistry in 1973 (with University Extraordinary Award in that degree given in 1974) and in Physics in 1974. He sustained in 1977 at University Complutense of Madrid his PhD on EPR spectroscopy of Cu-containing catalysts, developed at the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleochemistry (ICP) in Madrid. After a post-doc stay at the Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse of the CNRS in Villeurbanne (Lyon) he entered the permanent scientific staff of ICP in 1979. He became Investigador Científico in 1987 and Profesor de Investigación in 2004. Of ICP he has been Vice-Director from March 2010 to January 2014 and Director from that date to March 2018; he belongs now to the Scientific Advisory Committee of ICP. He is active and expert in solid state science, surface chemistry and spectroscopy of redox-active catalysts, photocatalysts and related photoactive solids. His first research subject after entering the ICP permanent staff dealt with metal-support interactions in catalysts, with particular attention to interfacial electron transfer. In the early 90’s he focused attention on cerium oxide-based catalysts, mainly concerning their use in automotive exhaust purifiers, in which again metal-support interactions play a major role. More recently he has moved his interest towards energy-related uses of cerium oxide-containing catalysts, for use in either anodes of solid oxide fuel cells or processes of production or purification of hydrogen obtained from different feedstocks. In parallel, he has kept during all his career interest and activity in the study of photocatalysts, subsequently widened towards the design of novel solar energy harvesting materials. In this field his group has been recently successful (article 2 in the list below) in designing, synthesizing and testing for the first time novel materials implementing the in-gap band concept coupling two low energy photons of the visible light range into a larger electron excitation utilizable to drive a photocatalytic reaction, this system being exploitable for solar water splitting. Techniques in which he is expert include EPR spectroscopy, which he has used since 40 years ago within the first group in Spain applying this technique to catalysis; EXAFS, XPS and other synchrotron-radiation spectroscopies, being the first catalysis expert in Spain to use them for heterogeneous catalysis (in 1987), and making personally experiments since then in more than half a dozen European synchrotrons; and quantum calculations to understand solid catalysts, being also more than 25 years ago the first person in CSIC to use them for that purpose. He promoted in his lab the controlled synthesis of materials, his group being more than 15 years ago the first one in ICP to use microemulsion-based methods for making nanoparticles of complex materials with controlled sizes (below 20 nm). He was also first in his institute to use solvothermal methods to prepare sulphide nanoparticles. He continues activity with his group in all the mentioned techniques, complementing them with other spectroscopies like UV-Vis-NIR, XPS and IR (the latter two also in operando mode) and catalytic and photocatalytic reaction tests. Due to his expertise he has been Secretary of the Organizing Committee of two international symposia, and invited or keynote speaker in 5 others in the last 5 years. He belongs since 2014 to the Steering Committee of AMPEA, a Joint Programme of the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) devoted to advanced materials for energy. According to Web of Science his 185 papers and book chapters therein listed have received to date (August 1, 2018) over 8100 citations (of which 6.5% are self-citations), leading to a Hirsch index h=52.
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1openAccessPostprintCatTod2013_JCConesa.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2013Band structures and nitrogen doping effects in zinc titanate photocatalystsConesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
2openAccessCeTbJPowSrc151_05_43.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2005Cerium–terbium mixed oxides as potential materials for anodes in solid oxide fuel cellsMartínez Arias, Arturo CSIC; Hungría, Ana B. CSIC; Iglesias Juez, Ana CSIC ORCID; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Mather, Glenn Christopher CSIC ORCID; Munuera, Guillermo; Fernández-García, Marcosartículo
3openAccesscatalysts-03-00378-v2.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2013Characterization of Active Sites/Entities and Redox/Catalytic Correlations in Copper-Ceria-Based Catalysts for Preferential Oxidation of CO in H2-Rich StreamsMartínez Arias, Arturo CSIC; Gamarra Sánchez, Daniel; Hungría, Ana B. CSIC; Fernández-García, Marcos; Munuera, Guillermo; Hornés, Aitor CSIC ORCID; Bera, Parthasarathi CSIC ORCID; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; López Cámara, Antonioartículo
4openAccessCZ_PCCP4_02_149.pdf.jpg2002Effects of thermal pretreatment on the redox behaviour of Ce0.5Zr0.5O2: isotopic and spectroscopic studiesFornasiero, P.; Montini, T.; Graziani, M.; Kašpar, J.; Hungría, Ana B. CSIC; Martínez Arias, Arturo CSIC; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
5openAccessPostprintJPCC2016_JCConesa.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2016Electronic Structure of the (Undoped and Fe-Doped) NiOOH O2 Evolution ElectrocatalystConesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
6openAccessGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2006Energetics of formation of TiGa3As4 and TiGa3P4 intermediate band materialsPalacios Clemente, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Wahnón Benarroch, Perla; Pizzinato, Sara; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
7openAccessTiCalcop_PhStatSolA203_06_1395.pdf.jpgMay-2006First principles calculation of isolated intermediate bands formation in a transition metal‐doped chalcopyrite‐type semiconductorPalacios Clemente, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Sánchez Noriega, Kefrén; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Wahnón Benarroch, Perlaartículo
8openAccessisolated_band_Palacios.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2006First-principles investigation of isolated band formation in half-metallic TixGa1−xP(x=0.3125–0.25)Palacios Clemente, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Fernández Sánchez, Julio Juan; Sánchez Noriega, Kefrén; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Wahnón Benarroch, Perlaartículo
9openAccessPostprintApCatA2012_JCConesa.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2012Hydrothermally synthesized nanocrystalline tin disulphide as visible light-active photocatalyst: Spectral response and stabilityLucena García, Raquel; Fresno García, Fernando; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
10closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2014Improving the CO-PROX performance of inverse CeO2/CuO catalysts: Doping of the CuO component with ZnLópez Cámara, Antonio; Cortés Corberán, Vicente CSIC ORCID; Barrio Pliego, Laura CSIC ORCID; Zhou, G.; Si, Rui; Hanson, Jonathan C.; Monte Caballero, Manuel CSIC; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Rodriguez, J. A.; Martínez Arias, Arturo CSICartículo
11openAccessPostprint_ACS_Catalysis_HaseIn2S3.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2016In Situ Determination of Photobioproduction of H2 by In2S3-[NiFeSe] Hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough Using Only Visible LightTapia, Cristina; Zacarias, Sonia; Pereira, Inês A. C.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Pita, Marcos CSIC ORCID ; López de Lacey, Antonio CSIC ORCID artículo
12openAccessCrMAPI_SciRep8_18_2511.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2018Influence of chromium hyperdoping on the electronic structure of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite: a first-principles insightGarcía, Gregorio; Palacios Clemente, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Menéndez-Proupin, E.; Montero-Alejo, Ana L.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Wahnón Benarroch, Perlaartículo
13openAccess12 photobiocatalytic water oxidation DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2017Laccase-Catalyzed Bioelectrochemical Oxidation of Water Assisted with Visible LightTapia, Cristina; Shleev, Sergey; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; López de Lacey, Antonio CSIC ORCID ; Pita, Marcos CSIC ORCID artículo
14openAccessJ.Appli.pdf.jpg2010Magnetometry and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of phosphine- and thiol-capped gold nanoparticlesGuerrero, Estefanía; Muñoz-Márquez, Miguel Ángel CSIC ORCID; Fernández-Camacho, A. CSIC ORCID ; Crespo, P.; Hernando, Antonio CSIC ORCID; Lucena, R.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
15openAccessmigration_molybdenum .pdf.jpgDec-1987Migration of molybdenum into intracrystalline cavities in molybdate-impregnated NaY zeoliteFierro, José Luis G.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; López Agudo, Antonioartículo
16openAccessPostprintJPCC2012_JCConesa.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2012Modeling with Hybrid Density Functional Theory the Electronic Band Alignment at the Zinc Oxide–Anatase InterfaceConesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Near-ambient XPS characterization of interfacial copper species in ceria-supported copper catalystsMonte Caballero, Manuel CSIC; Munuera, Guillermo; Costa, Dominique; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Martínez Arias, Arturo CSICartículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1985PARAMAGNETIC CENTERS IN UV-IRRADIATED Zn//4O(BO//2)//6.Otero de la Gándara, M. J.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Soria, Javierartículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Preferential oxidation of CO in excess H2 over CuO/CeO2 catalysts: characterization and performance as a function of the exposed face present in the CeO2 supportGamarra Sánchez, Daniel; López Cámara, Antonio; Monte Caballero, Manuel CSIC; Chinchilla, Lidia E.; Hungría, Ana B. CSIC; Munuera, Guillermo; Gyorffy, Nóra; Schay, Zoltán; Cortés Corberán, Vicente CSIC ORCID; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID ; Martínez Arias, Arturo CSICartículo
20openAccessperovskite_Menendez.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2014Self-consistent relativistic band structure of the CH3NH3PbI3 perovskiteMenéndez-Proupin, E.; Palacios Clemente, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Wahnón Benarroch, Perla; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos CSIC ORCID artículo