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Claret dos Santos, Antonio
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Claret, Antonio
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CSIC - Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA)
Física Estelar. Grupo: Astrofísica Robótica y de Altas Energías
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Compact Objects and Relativistic Phenomena
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccess0004-637X_700_2_1349 apj.pdf.jpg2-Aug-20091349 Binary Orbit, Physical Properties, and Evolutionary State of Capella (α Aurigae)Torres, Guillermo; Claret dos Santos, Antonio  ; Young, Patrick A.Artículo
2openAccess13700-09.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2010Absolute dimensions of eclipsing binaries. XXVII. V1130 Tauri: a metal-weak F-type system, perhaps with preference for Y = 0.23-0.24Clausen, J. V.; Olsen, E. H.; Claret dos Santos, Antonio  ; Helt, B. E.Artículo
3openAccessA. Ast. 502 1 253-265.pdf.jpgMay-2009Absolute dimensions of solar-type eclipsing binaries - II. V636 Centauri: A 1.05 primary with an active, cool, oversize 0.85 Mo secondaryClausen, J. V.; Bruntt, H.; Larsen, A.; Claret dos Santos, Antonio  ; Andersen, J.; Nordström, Birgitta; Giménez Cañete, Álvaro Artículo
4openAccesshttp___www.aanda.org_inded=129&url=_article version pdf.pdf.jpgJul-2009Does the HD 209458 planetary system pose a challenge to the stellar atmosphere models?Claret dos Santos, Antonio  Artículo
5openAccessIAA_2017_aa29705-16.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2017Limb and gravity-darkening coefficients for the TESS satellite at several metallicities, surface gravities, and microturbulent velocitiesClaret dos Santos, Antonio  Artículo
6openAccess(01)AA526,A157,1-4.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2012Peculiar rotation in evolved binary systems: stellar and tidal evolution of TZ FornacisClaret dos Santos, Antonio  Artículo
7openAccessaa28779-16.pdf.jpg2016The dependence of convective core overshooting on stellar massClaret dos Santos, Antonio  ; Torres, G.Artículo
8openAccesshttp___www.aanda.org_index.php_option=article&access=standard&Itemid=129&url=_articles_aa_pdf_2009_43_aa11900-09.pdf.jpgNov-2009Using binaries containing giants to constrain theories of stellar and tidal evolutionClaret dos Santos, Antonio  Artículo