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Firma en Digital.CSIC (*):
Boonma, K.
Otras firmas:
Boonma, Kittiphon
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)
Structure and Dynamics of the Earth and Crystallography. Research Group: Structure and Dynamics of the Earth
Categoría Profesional:
Graduate Researcher
Geodynamics. numerical modelling
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1openAccessKumar_book_of_abstracts_XV International Workshop on Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2017Dependence of slab buoyancy on composition and convergence rate: in- sights from kinematic modellingBoonma, K. ; Kumar, Ajay ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  Póster