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Montoya, Encarnación
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Montoya Romo, Encarnación
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)
Environmental Geology and Geohazards. Research Group: Environmental Changes in the Geological Record
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Graduate Researcher. Doctor
Palaeoecological applications of palynology. Biotic responses to environmental change and natural hazards.Vegetation-humans-climate interactions. Palaeoecology and global warming. Tropical biodiversity and biogeography. High-mountain palaeoecology. The temporal continuum in ecology. Traditional knowledge for ecosystems services.Development of new palaeoecological proxies or techniques. Palaeoethnobotany.
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1closedAccess2010Abrupt Younger Dryas cooling in the northern tropics recorded in lake sediments from the Venezuelan Andes.Stansell, Nathan D.; Abbott, Mark B.; Rull, Valentí  ; Rodbell, Donald T.; Bezada, Maximiliano; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
2openAccess8700-year-record-interplay-environmental-human-drivers-development-souther-gran-sabana-rull2014.pdf.jpg30-sep-2014An 8700-year record of the interplay of environmental and human drivers in the development of the southern Gran Sabana landscape, SE VenezuelaBallesteros, Tania; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa ; Giralt, Santiago  ; Abbott, Mark B.; Rull, Valentí  Artículo
3openAccessMontoya_Journal_of_paleolimnology_1.pdf.jpgoct-2017Aquatic community response to volcanic eruptions on the Ecuadorian Andean flank: evidence from the palaeoecological recordMatthews-Bird, Frazer; Brooks, Stephen John; Gosling, William D.; Gulliver, P.; Mothes, P.; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
4openAccessRull_Frontiers_in_ecology_and_evolution_6_32.pdf.jpgabr-2018CLAFS, a Holistic climatic-ecological-anthropogenic hypothesis on Easter Island's deforestation and cultural change: Proposals and testing prospectsRull, Valentí  ; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Seco, Irantzu; Cañellas-Boltà, Núria  ; Giralt, Santiago  ; Margalef, Olga ; Pla-Rabes, S.; D'Andrea, William; Bradley, Raymond S.; Sáez, AlbertoArtículo
5openAccessearly_human_occupations.pdf.jpgoct-2011Early human occupation and land use changes near the boundary of the Orinoco and the Amazon basins (SE Venezuela): Palynological evidence from El Paují recordMontoya, Encarnación  ; Rull, Valentí  ; Nogué, SandraArtículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgago-2018Ecological consequences of post-Columbian indigenous depopulation in the Andean–Amazonian corridorLoughlin, Nicholas J.D.; Gosling, William D.; Mothes, P.; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
7openAccessforest_savana.pdf.jpgnov-2011Forest–savanna–morichal dynamics in relation to fire and human occupation in the southern Gran Sabana (SE Venezuela) during the last millenniaMontoya, Encarnación  ; Rull, Valentí  ; Stansell, Nathan D.; Abbott, Mark B.; Nogué, Sandra; Bird, Broxton W.; Díaz, Wilmer A.Artículo
8openAccessGran_Sabana_firesB.pdf.jpgnov-2011Gran Sabana fires (SE Venezuela): a paleoecological perspectiveMontoya, Encarnación  ; Rull, Valentí  Artículo
9openAccessjul-2018Grazing activities in the southern central Pyrenees during the last millennium as deduced from the non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) record of Lake MontcortèsMontoya, Encarnación  ; Rull, Valentí  ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa ; Corella, Juan Pablo ; Giralt, Santiago  ; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.  Artículo
10openAccessRull_Review_of_Palaeobotany_and_Palynology_259_207_postprint.pdf.jpgoct-2018High-resolution (sub-decadal) pollen analysis of varved sediments from Lake Montcortès (southern Pyrenean flank): A fine-tuned record of landscape dynamics and human impact during the last 500 yearsTrapote, M.C.; Rull, Valentí  ; Giralt, Santiago  ; Corella, Juan Pablo ; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa Artículo
11openAccessMontoya_Ecosistemas_27_1_18.pdf.jpg2018Historia de la Amazonía: contribución de la paleoecología al debate de ocupación precolombina y sus efectos en el ecosistemaMontoya, Encarnación  Artículo
12openAccessRull_Review_of_Palaeobotany_and_Palynology_240_22_postprint.pdf.jpg2017Holocene vegetation dynamics on the Apakará summit of the neotropical Guayana Highlands and potential environmental driversRull, Valentí  ; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
13openAccessMontoya_Quaternary_Research_1.pdf.jpgoct-2017Identifying environmental drivers of fungal non-pollen palynomorphs in the montane forest of the eastern Andean flank, EcuadorLoughlin, Nicholas J.D.; Gosling, William D.; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
14openAccessMontoya_Climate_on_the_past_12_1263.pdf.jpgjun-2016Inferring late-Holocene climate in the Ecuadorian Andes using a chironomid-based temperature inference modelMatthews-Bird, Frazer; Brooks, Stephen John; Holden, Philip B.; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Gosling, William D.Artículo
15openAccessMontoya_Palaeogeography_Palaeoclimatology_Palaeoecology.pdf.jpg2018Landscape-scale drivers of glacial ecosystem change in the montane forests of the eastern Andean flank, EcuadorLoughlin, Nicholas J.D.; Gosling, William D.; Coe, A. L.; Gulliver, P.; Mothes, P.; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
16openAccessRull_Palaeogeography_Palaeoclimatology_Palaeoecology_455_33_preprint.pdf.jpgabr-2016Late Holocene vegetation and fire dynamics on the summits of the Guayana Highlands: The Uei-tepui palynological recordSafont, Elisabet ; Rull, Valentí  ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa ; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Huber, Otto; Holst, Bruce K.Artículo
17openAccessMontoya_Frontier_in_plan_Science_9_196.pdf.jpgmar-2018Long-Term Vegetation Dynamics in a Megadiverse Hotspot: The Ice-Age Record of a Pre-montane Forest of Central EcuadorMontoya, Encarnación  ; Keen, H. F.; Luzuriaga, Carmen X.; Gosling, William D.Artículo
18openAccessmauritia_flexuosa_palm_swamp_communities_rull2014.pdf.jpg2014Mauritia flexuosa palm swamp communities: natural or human-made? A palynological study of the Gran Sabana region (northern South America) within a neotropical contextRull, Valentí  ; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo
19openAccessmodern_nonpollen_palynomorphs_sedimentation_along_elevational_gradient_lopez_vila2014.pdf.jpgmar-2014Modern non-pollen palynomorphs sedimentation along an elevational gradient in the south-central Pyrenees (southwestern Europe) as a tool for Holocene paleoecological reconstructionLópez-Vila, Julià ; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Cañellas-Boltà, Núria  ; Rull, Valentí  Artículo
20openAccessneotropical-vegetation-responses-younger-dryas-climates-rull2015.pdf.jpg28-mar-2015Neotropical vegetation responses to Younger Dryas climates as analogs for future climate change scenarios and lessons for conservationRull, Valentí  ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa ; Montoya, Encarnación  Artículo