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Ventosa, Sergio
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Ventosa Rahuet, Sergi
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)
Structure and Dynamics of the Earth and Crystallography.Structure and Dynamics of the Earth
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Contract Scientist. Doctor
Seismology and Telecommunications Engineering.
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1closedAccessoct-2008A low-power datalogger based on CompactFlash memory for ocean bottom seismometersShariat-Panahi, S.; Ventosa, Sergio  ; Cadena, Javier; Mànuel, Antoni; Bermúdez, A. ; Sallarès, Valentí ; Piera, Jaume Artículo
2openAccessVentosa_Geophysical_Journal_International_211_30.pdf.jpgoct-2017Extracting surface waves, hum and normal modes: time-scale phase-weighted stack and beyondVentosa, Sergio  ; Schimmel, Martin  ; Stutzmann, E.Artículo
3openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgago-2018Low-Frequency Ambient Noise Autocorrelations: Waveforms and Normal ModesSchimmel, Martin  ; Stutzmann, E.; Ventosa, Sergio  Artículo
4openAccessSchimmel_IEEE_TRANSACTIONS_ON_GEOSCIENCE_55_4_1928_preprint.pdf.jpg2017Measuring Group Velocity in Seismic Noise Correlation Studies Based on Phase Coherence and Resampling StrategiesSchimmel, Martin  ; Stutzmann, E.; Ventosa, Sergio  Artículo
5openAccess2007-Simon-DIST.pdf.jpgoct-2007The S-Transform and Its Inverses: Side Effects of Discretizing and FilteringSimon, Carine  ; Ventosa, Sergio  ; Schimmel, Martin  ; Mànuel, Antoni; Gallart Muset, Josep ; Dañobeitia, Juan José ; Heldring, AlexanderArtículo
6closedAccess2008-Ventosa_IEEE-TSP.pdf.jpgjul-2008The S-Transform From a Wavelet Point of ViewVentosa, Sergio  ; Simon, Carine  ; Schimmel, Martin  ; Dañobeitia, Juan José ; Mànuel, AntoniArtículo
7openAccessSchimmel Geophysics 2012 77 2 31.pdf.jpg2012Window length selection for optimum slowness resolution of the local-slant-stack transformVentosa, Sergio  ; Simon, Carine  ; Schimmel, Martin  Artículo