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1openAccessPlaza2019_Article_AnExperimentalIncreaseInFemale.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2019An experimental increase in female mass during the fertile phaseleads to higher levels of extra-pair paternity in pied flycatchersFicedula hypoleucaPlaza, Mireia; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Moreno, Juanartículo
2openAccessTesis Cantarero chapter4.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2013Behavioural responses to ectoparasites in pied flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca: An experimental studyCantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Redondo, Alberto J.; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
3openAccesscarotebility.pdf.jpg2019Carotenoid-based coloration predicts both longevity and lifetime fecundity in male birds, but testosterone disrupts signal reliabilityCantarero, Alejandro  ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo ; Romero-Haro, Ana A. ; Chastel, Olivier; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos  artículo
4openAccessIBIS-2013-OP-219 R1(REV1).pdf.jpg2014Experimental pyrethroid treatment underestimates the effects of ectoparasites in cavity-nesting birds due to toxicityLópez-Arrabé, Jimena ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo ; Palma, Antonio; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
5closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2019Experimentally flight-impaired females show higher levels of extra-pair paternity in the pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleucaPlaza, Mario; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Gil, Diego  ; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2015Extra-Pair Paternity Declines with Female Age and Wing Length in the Pied FlycatcherMoreno Klemming, Juan  ; Martínez, Juan Gabriel; González-Braojos, Sonia ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Ruiz-De-Castañeda, Rafael; Precioso, Marta; López-Arrabé, Jimena artículo
7closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Factors affecting the presence and abundance of generalist ectoparasites in nests of three sympatric hole-nesting bird speciesCantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Rodríguez-García, Víctor; González-Braojos, Sonia ; Ruiz-De-Castañeda, Rafael; Redondo, Alberto J.; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Female aggressiveness towards female decoys decreases with mate T level in the pied flycatcherMoreno Klemming, Juan  ; Gil, Diego  ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena artículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Female incubation attendance and nest vigilance reflect social signaling capacity: a field experimentPlaza, Mireia; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Cuervo, José Javier  ; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
10openAccessVerges_Data_in_Brief_31_105896.pdf.jpgJul-2020Geochronological and geochemical data from fracture-filling calcites from the Lower Pedraforca thrust sheet (SE Pyrenees)Cruset, David; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Benedicto, Antonio; John, Cédric M.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Albert, Richard; Gerdes, A.; Travé, A.artículo
11openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2016Males feed their mates more and take more risks for nestlings with larger female-built nests: an experimental study in the Nuthatch Sitta europaeaCantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Plaza, Mireia; Saavedra-Garcés, Irene; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
12openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2014Males respond to female begging signals of need: A handicapping experiment in the pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleucaCantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Palma, Antonio; Redondo, Alberto J.; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2017Mitochondria-targeted molecules determine the redness of the zebra finch billCantarero, Alejandro  ; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos  artículo
14openAccessTesis Cantarero chapter1.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2015Nest defense behaviour and testosterone levels in female Pied FlycatchersCantarero, Alejandro  ; Laaksonen, T.; Järvistö, Pauliina E.; Gil, Diego  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Redondo, Alberto J.; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgSep-2015Nest-dwelling ectoparasites reduce antioxidant defences in females and nestlings of a passerine: a field experimentLópez-Arrabé, Jimena ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo ; Palma, Antonio; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos  ; González-Braojos, Sonia ; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2018Nestling sex ratio is associated with both male and female attractiveness in rock sparrowsCantarero, Alejandro  ; Pilastro, Andrea; Griggio, Matteoartículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Only some ectoparasite populations are affected by nest reuse: an experimental study on pied flycatchersLópez-Arrabé, Jimena ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; González-Braojos, Sonia ; Ruiz-De-Castañeda, Rafael; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Oxidative status in nestlings shows different associations with parental carotenoid-based plumage ornaments depending on parental sex and year: a study of rock sparrows Petronia petroniaCantarero, Alejandro  ; López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Palma, Antonio; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
19openAccessPhysiol.pdf.jpg2016Oxidative Stress in Early Life: Associations with Sex, Rearing Conditions, and Parental Physiological Traits in Nestling Pied FlycatchersLópez-Arrabé, Jimena ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo ; Palma, Antonio; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo
20openAccess2014Plumage ornaments and reproductive investment in relation to oxidative status in the Iberian Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca iberiae)López-Arrabé, Jimena ; Cantarero, Alejandro  ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo ; Palma, Antonio; Moreno Klemming, Juan  artículo