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Herranz, D.
Otras firmas:
Herranz Muñoz, Diego
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC-UC - Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA)
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Cosmología Observacional e Instrumentación
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccess1101.1456v1.pdf.jpgJun-2011A Bayesian technique for the detection of point sources in cosmic microwave background mapsArgüeso, Francisco ; Herranz, D.  ; Sanz, J. L.artículo
2openAccessSZ cluster.pdf.jpg2012A comparison of algorithms for the construction of SZ cluster cataloguesMelin, J. B.; Diego, José María  ; Herranz, D.  ; Hobson, M. P.; López-Caniego, M. artículo
3openAccessSUBMILLIMETER GALAXY.pdf.jpg2012A comprehensive view of a strongly lensed planck-associated submillimeter galaxyFu, Hai; Ivison, R. J.; Pérez-Fournon, I.; Baes, M.; Cava, Antonio; Clements, D. L.; Zotti, G. de; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Herranz, D.  ; Jarvis, Matt J.; Maddox, S. J.; Negrello, Mattia; Serjeant, S.; Verma, A. artículo
4openAccess0907.0603v1.pdf.jpgApr-2010A multifrequency method based on the matched multifilter for the detection of point sources in CMB mapsLanz, L. F. ; Herranz, D.  ; Sanz, J. L.; González-Nuevo, J. ; López-Caniego, M. artículo
5openAccesssearch_debris_Thompson.pdf.jpg2010A search for debris disks in the Herschel -ATLASThompson, Mark A.; Cava, Antonio; Herranz, D.  ; Lagache, Guilaine; López-Caniego, M. ; Verma, A. artículo
6openAccessdebris disks.pdf.jpg2010A search for debris disks in the Herschel-ATLASThompson, Mark A.; González-Nuevo, J. ; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. artículo
7openAccessradiosour.pdf.jpg2019ALMA photometry of extragalactic radio sourcesBonato, M.; Liuzzo, E.; Herranz, D.  ; González-Nuevo, J. ; Bonavera, Laura ; Tucci, M.; Massardi, Marcella; Zotti, G. de; Negrello, Mattia; Zwaan, M. A.artículo
8openAccesscancmbagn.pdf.jpg2017Can CMB surveys help the AGN community?Partridge, B.; Bonavera, Laura ; López-Caniego, M. ; Datta, Rahul; González-Nuevo, J. ; Gralla, Megan; Herranz, D.  ; Lähteenmäki, Anne; Mocanu, Laura; Prince, Heather; Vieira, Joaquin; Whitehorn, Nathan; Zhang, Lizhongartículo
9openAccessFrom SZ clusters.pdf.jpg2012Compact source detection in multichannel microwave surveys: From SZ clusters to polarized sourcesHerranz, D.  ; Argüeso, Francisco ; Carvalho, Pedroartículo
10openAccess1101.0707v1.pdf.jpgJan-2010Cosmic microwave background imagesHerranz, D.  ; Vielva, P.  artículo
11openAccess1687-6180-2005-985049.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2005Detection of Point Sources on Two-Dimensional Images Based on PeaksLópez-Caniego, M. ; Herranz, D.  ; Sanz, J. L.; Barreiro, R. Belén  artículo
12openAccessSunyaev-Zeldovich.pdf.jpg2015Evidence of the missing baryons from the kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect in Planck dataHernández-Monteagudo, C.; Macías-Pérez, J. F.; Herranz, D.  artículo
13openAccessWilkinson Microwave.pdf.jpg2013Extragalactic point source detection in Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe 7-year data at 61 and 94 GHzLanz, L. F. ; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. ; González-Nuevo, J. ; Zotti, G. de; Massardi, Marcella; Sanz, J. L.artículo
14openAccessCosmicMB.pdf.jpg2015Extragalactic sources in Cosmic Microwave Background mapsZotti, G. de; González-Nuevo, J. ; López-Caniego, M. ; Negrello, Mattia; Cai, Z. Y.; Clemens, M. S.; Delabrouille, J.; Herranz, D.  ; Bonavera, Laura ; Melin, J. B.; Tucci, M.; Serjeant, S.; Clements, D. L.artículo
15openAccess1101.0701v1.pdf.jpgJul-2011Filter Design for the Detection/Estimation of the Modulus of a Vector: Application to Polarization DataArgüeso, Francisco ; Sanz, J. L.; Herranz, D.  artículo
16openAccess1009.2194v2.pdf.jpgJan-2011Green Bank Telescope Zpectrometer CO(1-0) Observations of the Strongly Lensed Submillimeter Galaxies from the Herschel ATLASHerranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. ; González-Nuevo, J. artículo
17openAccessprotocluster.pdf.jpg2016H-ATLAS: A candidate high redshift cluster/protocluster of star-forming galaxiesClements, D. L.; Zotti, G. de; Pérez-Fournon, I.; Herranz, D.  ; Baes, M.; González-Nuevo, J. ; Ivison, R. J.; Maddox, S. J.; Oteo, I.artículo
18openAccessaa14565-10[1].pdf.jpg2010Herschel ATLAS: The cosmic star formation history of quasar host galaxiesSerjeant, S.; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. artículo
19openAccess1108.3911v1.pdf.jpgNov-2011Herschel-ATLAS Galaxy Counts and High-redshift Luminosity Functions: The Formation of Massive Early-type GalaxiesLapi, A.; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. artículo
20openAccessaa14637-10[1].pdf.jpg2010Herschel-ATLAS: Blazars in the science demonstration phase fieldGonzález-Nuevo, J. ; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. artículo