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Truniger, Verónica
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CSIC - Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS)
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Plant Virology
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ResearcherID: H-3554-2011

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1closedAccess1996A DNA binding motif coordinating synthesis and degradation in proofreading DNA polymerasesTruniger, Verónica  ; Lázaro, José M. ; Salas, Margarita  ; Blanco, Luis artículo
2openAccessfpls-09-00625.pdf.jpg9-May-2018A Dual Interaction Between the 5 '- and 3 '-Ends of the Melon Necrotic Spot Virus (MNSV) RNA Genome Is Required for Efficient Cap-Independent TranslationMiras, Manuel ; Rodriguez-Hernandez, Ana M.; Romero-López, Cristina; Berzal-Herranz, Alfredo; Colchero, Jaime; Aranda, Miguel A. ; Truniger, Verónica  artículo
3closedAccess19-Apr-2002A Highly Conserved Lysine Residue in φ29 DNA Polymerase is Important for Correct Binding of the Templating Nucleotide during Initiation of φ29 DNA ReplicationTruniger, Verónica  ; Lázaro, José M. ; Blanco, Luis ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
4openAccess1471-2164-12-252.pdf.jpg20-May-2011Analysis of expressed sequence tags generated from full-length enriched cDNA libraries of melonClepet, Christian; Joobeur, Tarek; Zheng, Yi; Jublot, Delphine; Huang, Mingyun; Truniger, Verónica  ; Boualem, Adnane; Hernández-González, María Elena; Dolcet-Sanjuán, Ramón ; Portnoy, Vitaly; Mascarell-Creus, Albert; Caño-Delgado, Ana I. ; Katzir, Nurit; Bendahmane, Abdelhafid; Giovannoni, James J; Aranda, Miguel A. ; García-Mas, Jordi ; Fei, Zhangjunartículo
5closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJun-2017Analysis of the interacting partners eIF4F and 3′-CITE required for Melon necrotic spot virus cap-independent translationMiras, Manuel ; Truniger, Verónica  ; Querol-Audí, Jordi ; Aranda, Miguel A. artículo
6closedAccess21-Jan-2000Analysis of Ø29 DNA polymerase by partial proteolysis: binding of terminal protein in the double-stranded DNA channelTruniger, Verónica  ; Blanco, Luis ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
7openAccesspicrender.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2007EcoTILLING for the identification of allelic variants of melon eIF4E, a factor that controls virus susceptibilityNieto, Cristina; Piron, Florence; Dalmais, Marion; Gómez-Guillamón, M. L.; Truniger, Verónica  ; Gómez, Pedro  ; García-Mas, Jordi artículo
8openAccessMSalas_NAR_361.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2004Function of the C-terminus of phi 29 DNA polymerase in DNA and terminal protein bindingTruniger, Verónica  ; Lázaro, José M. ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
9openAccessWu_et_al-2015-Journal_of_Phytopathology.pdf.jpg2015Genomic and phylogenetic characterization of Melon necrotic spot virus from China.Wu, Hui-jie; Wen, Shao-Hua; Hong, Ni; Truniger, Verónica  ; Gu, Qin-shengartículo
10openAccessMiras et al New_Phytol_2014 (MNSV-N).pdf.jpg2014Interfamilial recombination between viruses led to acquisition of a novel translation enhancing RNA element that extends viral host rangeMiras, Manuel ; Sempere, Raquel N.; Kraft, Jelena J.; Miller, W. Allen; Aranda, Miguel A. ; Truniger, Verónica  artículo
11closedAccess28-Mar-2005Involvement of the “linker” region between the exonuclease and polymerization domains of ø29 DNA polymerase in DNA and TP bindingTruniger, Verónica  ; Bonnin, Ana; Lázaro, José M. ; Vega, Miguel de  ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
12openAccesspicrender.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2007MELOGEN: an EST database for melon functional genomicsGonzález-Ibeas, Daniel ; Blanca, José M.; Roig, Cristina; González-To, Mireia; Picó-Silvent, Belén; Truniger, Verónica  ; Gómez, Pedro  ; Deleu, Wim; Caño-Delgado, Ana I. ; Arús, Pere ; Nuez, Fernando; García-Mas, Jordi ; Puigdomènech, Pere ; Aranda, Miguel A. artículo
13openAccessNon-canonical Translation in Plant RNA Viruses.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2017Non-canonical Translation in Plant RNA VirusesMiras, Manuel ; Miller, W. Allen; Truniger, Verónica  ; Aranda, Miguel A. artículo
14openAccessMSalas_NAR_1483.pdf.jpg2002A positively charged residue of phi 29 DNA polymerase, highly conserved in DNA polymerases from families A and B, is involved in binding the incoming nucleotideTruniger, Verónica  ; Lázaro, José M. ; Esteban, Francisco J.; Blanco, Luis ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
15closedAccess12-Feb-1999Role of the “YxGG/A” motif of ø29 DNA polymerase in protein-primed replicationTruniger, Verónica  ; Blanco, Luis ; Salas, Margarita  artículo
16openAccessplant_virus_Truniger.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2017Structural and Functional Diversity of Plant Virus 3′-Cap-Independent Translation Enhancers (3′-CITEs)Truniger, Verónica  ; Miras, Manuel ; Aranda, Miguel A. artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2017Structure of eIF4E in Complex with an eIF4G Peptide Supports a Universal Bipartite Binding Mode for Protein TranslationMiras, Manuel ; Truniger, Verónica  ; Silva-Espiña, Cristina ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Aranda, Miguel A. ; Querol-Audí, Jordi artículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2017Structure of eIF4E in complex with an eIF4G peptide supports a universal bipartite binding mode for protein translationMiras, Manuel ; Truniger, Verónica  ; Silva-Espiña, Cristina ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Aranda, Miguel A. ; Querol-Audí, Jordi artículo
19closedAccess4-Jun-2001The (I/Y)XGG Motif of Adenovirus DNA Polymerase Affects Template DNA Binding and the Transition from Initiation to ElongationBrenkman, Arjan B.; Heideman, Marinus R.; Truniger, Verónica  ; Salas, Margarita  ; Vliet, Peter C. van derartículo
20closedAccess9-Jan-2004Two Positively Charged Residues of φ29 DNA Polymerase, Conserved in Protein-primed DNA Polymerases, are Involved in Stabilisation of the Incoming NucleotideTruniger, Verónica  ; Lázaro, José M. ; Salas, Margarita  artículo