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Dardonville, Christophe
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Dardonville, Christophe Yves Marie
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CSIC - Instituto de Química Médica (IQM)
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Química Médica
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1openAccessn-hydroxy_imidazoline_Rios.pdf.jpgFeb-2015A new nonpolar N-hydroxy imidazoline lead compound with improved activity in a murine model of late-stage Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection is not cross-resistant with diamidinesRíos Martínez, Carlos H. ; Miller, F.; Ganeshamoorthy, K.; Glacial, Fabienne; Kaiser, Marcel; Koning, Harry P. de; Eze, Anthonius A.; Lagartera, Laura ; Herraiz Tomico, Tomás  ; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020A theoretical and spectroscopic (NMR and IR) study of indirubin in solution and in the solid stateAlkorta, Ibon ; Elguero, José ; Dardonville, Christophe  ; Reviriego, Felipe ; Santa María, D.; Claramunt, R. M.; Marín-Luna, Martaartículo
3closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Alternative oxidase inhibitors: Mitochondrion-targeting as a strategy for new drugs against pathogenic parasites and fungiEbiloma, G. U.; Balogun, E. O.; Cueto-Díaz, E. J.; Koning, Harry P. de; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Antiprotozoal activity and DNA binding of dicationic acridonesMontalvo-Quirós, S.; Taladriz-Sender, Andrea ; Kaiser, M.; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
5Rios et al_EJMC2014_postprint.pdf.jpg2014Antiprotozoal activity and DNA binding of N-substituted N-phenylbenzamide and 1,3-diphenylurea bisguanidinesRíos Martínez, Carlos H. ; Lagartera, Laura ; Kaiser, Marcel; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
6Dardonville et al_AAC_2009_postprint.pdf.jpg2009Antiprotozoal activity of 1-phenethyl-4-aminopiperidine derivativesDardonville, Christophe  ; Fernández-Fernández, Cristina ; Gibbons, Sarah-Louise; Jagerovic, Nadine  ; Nieto, Lidia ; Ryan, Gary; Kaiser, Marcel; Brun, Retoartículo
7openAccessCommunications chemistry.pdf.jpg2020Aqueous pKa prediction for tautomerizable compounds using equilibrium bond lengthsCaine, B. A.; Bronzato, M.; Fraser, T.; Kidley, N.; Dardonville, Christophe  ; Popelier, P. L. A.artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Automated techniques in pKa determination: Low, medium and high-throughput screening methodsDardonville, Christophe  artículo
9openAccess2004ARKIVOC(ii)206-212.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2004The behavior of 5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine dissolved in sulfuric acidDardonville, Christophe  ; Jimeno, M. Luisa ; Alkorta, Ibon ; Elguero, José artículo
10closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Bis(2-aminoimidazolines) and Bisguanidines: Synthetic Approaches, Antiparasitic Activity and DNA Binding PropertiesDardonville, Christophe  ; Martínez, Jorge J. N.artículo
11Dardonville_Brun_JMC2004_postprint.pdf.jpg2004Bisguanidine, Bis(2-aminoimidazoline), and Polyamine Derivatives as Potent and Selective Chemotherapeutic Agents against Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. Synthesis and in Vitro EvaluationDardonville, Christophe  ; Brun, Retoartículo
12openAccess2015Bisimidazoline arylamides binding to the DNA minor groove: N1-hydroxylation enhances binding affinity and selectivity to AATT sitesRíos Martínez, Carlos H. ; Lagartera, Laura ; Trujillo, Cristina; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Conjugates of 2,4-Dihydroxybenzoate and Salicylhydroxamate and Lipocations Display Potent Antiparasite Effects by Efficiently Targeting the Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma congolense MitochondrionFueyo-González, FraKita, K.; De Koning, H.P.ncisco; Ebiloma, G. U.; Izquierdo García, Carolina; Bruggeman, V.; Sánchez Villamañán, J. M.; Donachie, A.; Balogun, E. O.; Inaoka, D. K.; Shiba, T.; Harada, S.; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
14closedAccess2009Crystal structure of a trypanocidal 4,4′-bis(imidazolinylamino) diphenylamine bound to DNAGlass, L. S.; Nguyen, Binh; Goodwin, K. D.; Dardonville, Christophe  ; Wilson, W. David; Long, E. C.; Georgiadis, M. M.artículo
15openAccessdiscoverleishma.pdf.jpg2019Discovery and pharmacological studies of 4-hydroxyphenyl-derived phosphonium salts active in a mouse model of visceral LeishmaniasisManzano, José Ignacio; Cueto-Díaz, E. J.; Olías-Molero, Ana Isabel; Perea, Ana; Herraiz Tomico, Tomás  ; Torrado, Juan J.; Alunda, José María; Gamarro, Francisco; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
16Aran et al_BMCL2012_postprint.pdf.jpg2012Discovery of nitroheterocycles active against African trypanosomes. in vitro screening and preliminary SAR studiesArán, Vicente J. ; Kaiser, M.; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
17Dardonville et al_JMC060295C_postprint.pdf.jpg2006DNA Binding Affinity of Bisguanidine and Bis(2-aminoimidazoline) Derivatives with in Vivo Antitrypanosomal ActivityDardonville, Christophe  ; Barrett, Michael P.; Brun, Reto; Kaiser, Marcel; Tanious, Farial; Wilson, W. Davidartículo
18openAccessMascaraque Tet Lett2008_postprint.pdf.jpg2008Efficient one-pot synthesis of 1-alkoxy-2-arylaminoimidazolines from N-alkoxy-N-(2-aminoethyl)-2-nitrobenzenesulfonamides and arylisothiocyanatesMascaraque, Ainhoa ; Nieto, Lidia ; Dardonville, Christophe  artículo
19openAccess2004Fentanyl derivatives bearing aliphatic alkaneguanidinium moieties: A new series of hybrid molecules with significant binding affinity for μ-opioid receptors and I2-imidazoline binding sitesDardonville, Christophe  ; Jagerovic, Nadine  ; Callado, Luis F.; Meana, J. J.artículo
20openAccessNucleic Acids Research, 2017,.pdf.jpg2017Functional and structural analysis of AT-specific minor groove binders that disrupt DNA-protein interactions and cause disintegration of the Trypanosoma brucei kinetoplastMillan, C. R.; Acosta-Reyes, F. J.; Lagartera, Laura ; Ebiloma, G. U.; Lemgruber, L.; Nué Martínez, J. Jonathan; Saperas, Nuria ; Dardonville, Christophe  ; de Koning, Harry P.; Campos, J. Lourdesartículo