EOSC Synergy - Expanding Capacities by Building Capabilities

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EOSC Synergy - Expanding Capacities by Building Capabilities
Referencia de proyecto/Project Code
H2020 Grant agreement 857647
Investigador principal/Principal Investigator
Investigador principal externo/External Principal Investigator
Fecha de inicio/Start Year
Fecha de finalización/End Year
CSIC-UC - Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA)
As part of the Digital Agenda the EC invited Member States, Researchers and Industry to participate in the construction of EOSC. In this context, in order to support the implementation of EOSC-relevant national initiatives, the EU funded the project EOSC-synergy (INFRAEOSC-05(b)). In the upcoming 3 years EOSC-synergy will contribute to the EOSC implementation by expanding national e-infrastructures and building human capacities in EOSC. In practice this means more compute and storage available, more datasets and tools to expand avenues of research. The consortium includes relevant research infrastructures in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands UK, and EGI.eu. EOSC-synergy will also acts as the bridge of EOSC towards South America by building on the IBERGRID links with this region.
Fuente de Financiación/Funding
European Commission
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