M2ex “Exploiting metal-microbe applications to expand the circular economy”

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M2ex “Exploiting metal-microbe applications to expand the circular economy”
Referencia de proyecto/Project Code
M2ex H2020 MSCA-ITN-2019-EJD: Nº 861088
Investigador principal/Principal Investigator
Investigador principal externo/External Principal Investigator
Investigadores externos/External Researchers
Hasani Zadeh, Parvin
George, Susan
Florencia Soto, Ailen María
Caroca, Enric
Simon, Stéphane
Honavar Melo Pires, Rahul Filipe
Buizer, Remi
Upadhyaya, Diedonne Balike
Mattei, M.R.
Deluchat-Antony Véronique
Ntaliape, Alexandra Georganti
Bourven, Isabelle
Cimino, Raffaele
Abram, Florence
Mattiussi, Raffaello
Rodriguez, Santiago
Mohamed, Ahmed Fathi Ibrahim
Silveira, Kirs Anthony
O´Flaherty, Vincent
Cacho, Jesús A.
Carpes, Graciano
Vicent, Julien
Ribeiro de Almeida, Cristina Marisa
Van Hullebusch, E.D.
Baldasso, Veronica
Gomes, Carlos
Guillon, Emmanuel
Porras Socias, Pau
Fernández, Belén
Bonet, Neus Isabel
Fecha de inicio/Start Year
Fecha de finalización/End Year
CSIC - Instituto de la Grasa (IG)
M2ex “Exploiting metal-microbe applications to expand the circular economy ” is an EU H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network modality European Joint Doctorate that aims to provide a complete and structured PhD training programme to a new generation of 15 leaders researchers with the highest expertise in management of metals in Europe’s 21st-century bioeconomy, focusing on chemical, molecular and biogeochemical mechanisms of microbially-mediated.
The network is composed of an international, multidisciplinary and intersectoral team, well connected and with high expertise in the field. M2ex will drive training through research by both local and network-wide activities, secondments, workshops, offering a wide range of transferable skills for the Early Stage Researchers.
Fuente de Financiación/Funding
Horizonte 2020 de la Comisión Europea, programa Marie Skłodowska-Curie.
Fecha de actualización/Last update