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embargoedAccessLopez-VicenteM_Catena_2019.pdf.jpgNov-2019Influence of soil moisture and plant roots on the soil infiltration capacity at different stages in arid grasslands of ChinaLiu, Yu; Cui, Zeng; Huang, Ze; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Wu, Gao-Linartículo
openAccesssoil_water_conservation_agricultural_forestry_systems.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2019Soil and Water Conservation in Agricultural and Forestry SystemsLópez-Vicente, Manuel  ; Wu, Gao-Linartículo
openAccessLopez-VicenteM_HydrolProc_2018.pdf.jpgDec-2018Soil water content and temporal stability in an arid area with natural and planted grasslandsHuang, Ze; Miao, Hai-Tao; Liu, Yu; Tian, Fu-Ping; He, Honghua; Shen, Weibo; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Wu, Gao-Linartículo
openAccesswater-10-01538.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2018Soil Water Depletion in Planted Alfalfa Pastures in an Alpine Pastoral AreaSun, Lei; Huang, Ze; Cui, Zeng; Lu, Rong; Zhang, Rui-Qi; Liu, Yu; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Ahirwal, Jitendra; Wei, Xue-Hong; Wu, Gao-Lin
embargoedAccessSoil_water.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2019Soil water response of plant functional groups along an artificial legume grassland succession under semi-arid conditionsWu, Gao-Lin; Huang, Ze; Liu, Yi-Fan; Cui, Zeng; Liu, Yu; Cheng, Xiaofeng; Tian, Fu-Ping; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Shi, Zhi-Huaartículo
embargoedAccessLopez-VicenteM_LandDegradatDevelop_2019.pdf.jpgDec-2019Solar photovoltaic panels significantly promote vegetation recovery by modifying the soil surface microhabitats in an arid sandy ecosystemLiu, Yu; Zhang, Rui-Qi; Huang, Ze; Cheng, Zhen; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Ma, Xiao‐Rong; Wu, Gao-Linartículo
embargoedAccessLopez-VicenteM_SciTotEnv _2020.pdf.jpgApr-2020Trade-off between surface runoff and soil erosion during the implementation of ecological restoration programs in semiarid regions: A meta-analysisLiu, Yi-Fan; Dunkerley, David; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Shi, Zhi-Hua; Wu, Gao-Linartículo