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openAccessBoss_et_al_2018_preprint.pdf.jpgAug-2018Beyond Chlorophyll Fluorescence: The Time is Right to Expand Biological Measurements in Ocean Observing ProgramsBoss, Emmanuel; Waite, Anya M.; Muller Karger, Frank; Yamazaki, H.; Wanninkhof, Rik; Uitz, Julia; Thomalla, Sandy; Sosik, Heidi M.; Sloyan, Bernadette; Richardson, Anthony J.; Miloslavich, Patricia; Karstensen, J.; Gregori, Gérald; Fennel, Katja; Claustre, Hervé; Cornejo, Marcela; Berman-Frank, Ilana; Batten, Sonia; Acinas, Silvia G.  artículo
openAccesslinking_synoptic_forcing_Rossi.pdf.jpgMar-2013Linking synoptic forcing and local mesoscale processes with biological dynamics off Ningaloo ReefRossi, Vincent ; Feng, Ming; Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Roughan, Moninya; Waite, Anya M.artículo
openAccessleeuwin_current_system_Rossi.pdf.jpgJul-2013On the factors influencing the development of sporadic upwelling in the Leeuwin Current systemRossi, Vincent ; Feng, Ming; Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Roughan, Moninya; Waite, Anya M.artículo
openAccessPaterson-JGR-2008-v113-C07049.pdf.jpg2008Physical and chemical signatures of a developing anticyclonic eddy in the Leeuwin Current, eastern Indian OceanPaterson, Harriet L.; Feng, Ming; Waite, Anya M.; Gomis, Damià ; Beckley, Lynnath E.; Holliday, David; Thompson, Peter A.artículo
openAccessseasonality_sporadic_physical_Rossi.pdf.jpgJan-2014Seasonality of sporadic physical processes driving temperature and nutrient high-frequency variability in the coastal ocean off southeast AustraliaRossi, Vincent ; Schaeffer, Amandine; Wood, Julie; Galibert, Guillaume; Morris, Brad; Sudre, Joel; Roughan, Moninya; Waite, Anya M.artículo