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openAccess2-Sep-2019Complex ferritic structures obtained by three different heat treatments: differences and similaritiesDe Castro, D.; Rementería, Rosalía; Sourmail, Thomas; Poplawsky, Jon D.; Vivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos ; García Caballero, Francisca actas de congreso
openAccess2020Design and high temperature behavior of novel heat resistant steels strengthened by high density of stable nanoprecipitatesVivas, Javier; De-Castro, D.; Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; San-Martín, D.  ; Capdevila, Carlos artículo
openAccess2019Direct observation of creep strengthening nanoprecipitate formation in ausformed ferritic/martensitic steelsVivas, Javier; De-Castro, D.; Poplawsky, J.D.; San-Martín, D.  ; Capdevila, Carlos artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Effect of ausforming temperature on creep strength of G91 investigated by means of Small Punch Creep TestsVivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos ; Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; Serrano, M.; De-Castro, D.; San-Martín, D.  artículo
openAccessmetals-07-00236-v2.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2017Effect of Ausforming Temperature on the Microstructure of G91 SteelVivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos ; Jiménez, José Antonio; Benito-Alfonso, Miguel; San-Martín, D.  artículo
openAccessmetals-08-01052.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2018Effect of extensive and limited plastic deformation on recrystallized microstructure of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-Cr-Al alloyCapdevila, Carlos ; Rementeria, Rosalía; Aranda, M. M.; Vivas, Javier; Chao, Jesús; Amigó, Vicenteartículo
openAccessOct-2020High-Chromium (9-12Cr) Steels: Creep Enhancement by Conventional Thermomechanical TreatmentsVivas, Javier; San-Martín, D.  ; García Caballero, Francisca ; Capdevila, Carlos capítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Importance of austenitization temperature and ausforming on creep strength in 9Cr ferritic/martensitic steelVivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos ; Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; San-Martín, D.  artículo
openAccessmaterials-10-00745-v2.pdf.jpg2017Influence of texture on impact toughness of ferritic Fe-20Cr-5Al oxide dispersion strengthened steelSánchez-Gutiérrez, J.; Chao, Jesús; Vivas, Javier; Gálvez, F.; Capdevila, Carlos artículo
openAccess7_Microstructural Degradation and Creep Fracture Behavior .pdf.jpg2019Microstructural Degradation and Creep Fracture Behavior of Conventionally and Thermomechanically Treated 9% Chromium Heat Resistant SteelVivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos ; Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; Sabirov, IIchat; San-Martín, D.  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Nano-precipitation Strengthened G91 by Thermo-mechanical Treatment OptimizationVivas, Javier; Celada, Carola de; San-Martín, D.  ; Serrano, M.; Urones-Garrote, E.; Adeva, Paloma; Aranda, M. M.; Capdevila, Carlos artículo
openAccess4_Pearlite Transformation in a Deformed TRIPTWIP Austenitic Steel.pdf.jpg2019Pearlite Transformation in a Deformed TRIP/TWIP Austenitic SteelDe Castro, D.; Vivas, Javier; Rementería, Rosalía; Aranda, M. M.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Capdevila, Carlos artículo
closedAccess2020STAINLESS STEELS - Chapter 11San-Martín, D.  ; Celada-Casero, Carola; Vivas, Javier; Capdevila, Carlos capítulo de libro
openAccessmetals-07-00377-v3.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2017The Influence of La and Ce Addition on Inclusion Modification in Cast Niobium Microalloyed SteelsTorkamani, Hadi; Raygan, Shahram; García Mateo, Carlos ; Rassizadehghani, Jafar; Vivas, Javier; Palizdar, Yahya; San-Martín, D.  artículo