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openAccessRamírez_JEMBE_20-09-10.pdf.jpg2010A physiological marker for quantifying differential reproductive investment between the sexes in Yellow-legged gulls (Larus michahellis)Ramírez, Francisco CSIC ORCID CVN ; Hobson, Keith A.; Wangensteen, Owen S. CSIC ORCID; Genovart, Meritxell CSIC ORCID ; Viscor, Ginés; Sanpera, Carolina; Jover, Lluísartículo
openAccesscondor.pdf.jpg2006Ecological and physiological variance in T-cell mediated immune response in Cory's ShearwatersForero, Manuela G. CSIC ORCID; González-Solís, Jacob; Igual, José Manuel CSIC ORCID; Hobson, Keith A.; Ruiz, Xavier; Viscor, Ginésartículo
openAccessnutrients-13-00563.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2021Edible Microalgae and Their Bioactive Compounds in the Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic AlterationsRamos-Romero, Sara; Torrella, Joan Ramon; Pagès, Teresa; Viscor, Ginés; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0240686.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2020Implication of gut microbiota in the physiology of rats intermittently exposed to cold and hypobaric hypoxiaRamos-Romero, Sara; Santocildes, Garoa; Piñol-Piñol, David; Pagés, Teresa; Rosés, Carles; Hereu, Mercè; Amézqueta, Susana; Torrella, Joan Ramon; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Viscor, Ginésartículo
openAccessFiguerola, 2015.pdf.jpg2015Inside the Redbox: Applications of haematology in wildlife monitoring and ecosystem health assessmentMaceda-Veiga, Alberto; Figuerola, Jordi CSIC ORCID ; Martínez-Silvestre, A.; Viscor, Ginés; Ferrari, Nicola; Pacheco, Márioartículo
openAccessfphys-12-673095.pdf.jpg31-May-2021Physiological Effects of Intermittent Passive Exposure to Hypobaric Hypoxia and Cold in RatsSantocildes, Garoa; Viscor, Ginés; Pagès, Teresa; Ramos Romero, Sara; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Torrella, Joan Ramonartículo