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openAccesseb5027.pdf.jpg2013An alternative approach to rationalizing the structures of the cyclotrisilicates: Rb10 [Si6O17], Cs 8 [Si6O16] and Na3Y[Si 6O15] by viewing them in light of the extended Zintl-Klemm conceptVegas, Ángel artículo
openAccessfulltext.pdf.jpgApr-2006Anions in metallic matrices model: application to the aluminium crystal chemistryVegas, Ángel ; Santamaría Pérez, David ; Marqués, M.; Flórez, M.; Baonza, Valentín G. ; Recio, José Manuelartículo
closedAccessMar-2000Cations in Inorganic SolidsVegas, Ángel artículo
openAccessBIXBYITES-VMB.pdf.jpgFeb-2009Compounds with a 'stuffed' anti-bixbyite-type structure, analysed in terms of the Zintl-Klemm and coordination-defect conceptsVegas, Ángel ; Martin, Raymond L.; Bevan, D. J. M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Concurrent Pathways in the Phase Transitions of Alloys and Oxides: Towards an Unified Vision of Inorganic SolidsVegas, Ángel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011FeLi[PO4]: Dissection of a Crystal Structure The Parts and the WholeVegas, Ángel artículo
openAccessIn-situlasersynthesis.pdf.jpg2014In-situ laser synthesis of Nd-Al-O coatings: The role of sublattice cations in eutectic formationFrancisco, I. de; Bea, J. A.; Vegas, Ángel ; Carda, J. B.; Fuente, Germán F. de la artículo
openAccessIn-situ Laser synthesis.pdf.jpg2011In-situ laser synthesis of rare earth aluminate coatings in the system Ln-Al-O (Ln = Y, Gd)Francisco, I. de; Lennikov, V.; Bea, J. A.; Vegas, Ángel ; Carda, J. B.; Fuente, Germán F. de la artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Multipactor Rf breakdown analysis in a parallel-plate waveguide partially filled with a magnetized ferrite slabGonzález-Iglesias, D.; Gómez, A.; Gimeno, B.; Vegas, Ángel ; Casas, F.; Anza, S.; Vicente, C.; Gil, R.; Mata, R.; Montero, Isabel ; Boria, V. E.; Raboso, D.comunicación de congreso
openAccessfulltext.pdf.jpgJun-2007Pseudoatoms and preferred skeletons in crystalsVegas, Ángel ; Baonza, Valentín G. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Rationalization of the Substructures Derived from the Three Fluorite-Related [Li6(MVLi)N4] Polymorphs: An Analysis in Terms of the “Bärnighausen Trees” and of the “Extended Zintl–Klemm Concept”Bevan, D. J. M.; Martin, Raymond L.; Vegas, Ángel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1989Reactions of cationic hydrido complexes [Ru(CO)H(MeCN)2(PPh3)2]A (A ClO4, PF6) with alkynes. The crystal structure of [Ru(CO) (MeOOCCCHCOOMe) (MeCN)2(PPh3)2]ClO4López, Javier ; Romero, Antonio ; Santos, Amelia; Vegas, Ángel ; Echavarren, Antonio M.; Noheda Marín, Pedro  artículo
openAccessApr-2001Reversible phase transitions in Na₂S under pressure: a comparison with the cation array in Na₂SO4Vegas, Ángel ; Grzechnik, A.; Syassen, K.; Loa, I.; Hanfland, M.; Jansen, M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Síntesis láser de recubrimientos cerámicos eutécticosFrancisco, I. de; Vegas, Ángel ; Lennikov, V.; Bea, J. A.; Carda, J. B.; Fuente, Germán F. de la comunicación de congreso
closedAccessFeb-2002Structural relationships between cations and alloys; an equivalence between oxidation and pressureVegas, Ángel ; Jansen, M.artículo
openAccessActCrystB66_338.pdf.jpg2010Towards a generalized vision of oxides: disclosing the role of cations and anions in determining unit-cell dimensionsVegas, Ángel ; Mattesini, Maurizio  artículo
openAccessfulltext.pdf.jpgJun-2003The Zintl-Klemm concept applied to cations in oxides. I. The structures of ternary aluminatesSantamaría Pérez, David ; Vegas, Ángel artículo
openAccessSAB-Silicates.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2005The Zintl–Klemm Concept Applied to Cations in Oxides. II. The Structures of SilicatesSantamaría Pérez, David ; Vegas, Ángel ; Liebau, Friedrichartículo