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openAccesscoadepo.pdf.jpg2020Control of lateral composition distribution in graded films of soluble solid systems A1−xBx by partitioned dual-beam pulsed laser depositionSakai, Joe; Caicedo, José Manuel ; Vales-Castro, Pablo; Padilla-Pantoja, Jessica; Sauthier, Guillaume ; Catalán, Gustau ; Santiso, José artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Enhancing the intrinsic p-type conductivity of the ultra-wide bandgap Ga2O3 semiconductorChikoidze, Ekaterine; Sartel, Corinne; Mohamed, Hagar; Madaci, Ismail; Tchelidze, Tamar; Modreanu, Mircea; Vales-Castro, Pablo; Rubio, Carles; Arnold, Christophe; Sallet, Vincent; Dumont, Yves; Pérez-Tomás, Amador artículo
openAccessflexoferro.pdf.jpg2018Flexoelectricity in antiferroelectricsVales-Castro, Pablo; Roleder, Krystian; Zhao, Lei ; Li, Jing-Feng; Kajewski, Dariusz; Catalán, Gustau artículo
openAccessgiantelectrode.pdf.jpg2019Giant bulk photovoltaic effect in solar cell architectures with ultra-wide bandgap Ga2O3 transparent conducting electrodesPérez-Tomás, Amador ; Chikoidze, Ekaterine; Dumont, Yves; Jennings, Michael R.; Russell, Stephen A. O.; Vales-Castro, Pablo; Catalán, Gustau ; Lira-Cantú, Mónica ; Ton-That, C.; Teherani, Ferechteh H.; Sandana, Eric V.; Bove, Philippe; Rogers, David J.artículo
openAccessgiantantiferro.pdf.jpg2019Giant negative electrocaloric effect with antiferroelectricsVales-Castro, Pablo; Faye, R.; Defay, E.; Roleder, Krystian; Perpinya, X.; Vellvehí, M.; Kajewski, Dariusz; Catalán, Gustau comunicación de congreso
openAccesscrystgrowthdes_a2020v20np2535-Post.pdf.jpg2020p-type ultrawide-band-gap spinel ZnGa2O4: New perspectives for energy electronicsChikoidze, Ekaterine; Sartel, Corinne; Madaci, Ismail; Mohamed, Hagar; Vilar, Christele; Ballesteros, Belén ; Belarre, Francisco J. ; Del Corro, Elena; Vales-Castro, Pablo; Sauthier, Guillaume ; Li, Lijie; Jennings, Michael R.; Sallet, Vincent; Dumont, Yves; Pérez-Tomás, Amador artículo