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openAccessassoshee.pdf.jpg2018Association between the GHR, GHRHR, and IGF1 gene polymorphisms and milk yield and quality traits in Sarda sheepDettori, Maria L.; Pazzola, Michele; Paschino, Pietro; Amills, Marcel CSIC ORCID; Vacca, Giuseppe M.artículo
openAccessdiffebreed.pdf.jpg2017Differential distribution of Y-chromosome haplotypes in Swiss and Southern European goat breedsVidal, Oriol; Drögemüller, Cord; Obexer-Ruf, Gabriela; Reber, Irene; Jordana, Jordi; Martínez, Amparo; Bâlteanu, Valentin Adrian; Delgado, Juan Vicente; Eghbalsaied, Shahin; Landi, Vincenzo; Goyache, Félix; Traoré, Amadou; Pazzola, Michele; Vacca, Giuseppe M.; Badaoui, Bouabid; Pilla, Fabio; D’Andrea, Mariasilvia; Álvarez, Isabel; Capote, Juan; Sharaf, Abdoallah; Pons, Agueda; Amills, Marcel CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessexpressibreed.pdf.jpg2018Expression patterns and genetic variation of the ovine skeletal muscle transcriptome of sheep from five Spanish meat breedsNoce, Antonia; Figueiredo-Cardoso, T.; Manunza, Arianna; Martínez, Amparo; Cánovas, Ángela; Pons, Agueda; Bermejo, L. A.; Landi, Vincenzo; Sánchez, Armand; Jordana, Jordi; Delgado, Juan Vicente; Adán, S.; Capote, Juan; Vidal, Oriol; Pazzola, Michele; Vacca, Giuseppe M.; Casellas, Joaquim; Amills, Marcel CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Variations at regulatory regions of the milk protein genes are associated with milk traits and coagulation properties in the Sarda sheepNoce, Antonia; Pazzola, Michele; Dettori, Maria L.; Amills, Marcel CSIC ORCID; Castelló, Anna CSIC ORCID; Cecchinato, A.; Bittante, G.; Vacca, Giuseppe M.artículo