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openAccessWO2013132123A1.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2013Coating with photochromic properties, method for producing said coating and use thereof applicable to optical articles and glazed surfacesHernando, Jordi ; Roscini, Claudio ; Vázquez Mera, Nuria ; Ruiz Molina, Daniel patente
openAccesscolordyes.pdf.jpg2019Color-tunable white-light-emitting materials based on liquid-filled capsules and thermally responsive dyesVázquez Mera, Nuria ; Otaegui, Jaume R.; Sánchez, Rafael S.; Prats, Gemma; Guirado, Gonzalo; Ruiz Molina, Daniel ; Roscini, Claudio ; Hernando, Jordi artículo
openAccesspolymerparticlesmedicine.pdf.jpg2013Coordination polymer nanoparticles in medicineNovio, Fernando ; Simmchen, Juliane ; Vázquez Mera, Nuria ; Amorín-Ferré, Laura; Ruiz Molina, Daniel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Liquid-filled valence tautomeric microcapsules: A solid material with solution-like behaviorVázquez Mera, Nuria ; Roscini, Claudio ; Hernando, Jordi ; Ruiz Molina, Daniel artículo
openAccessES2692949T3.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2018Recubrimiento con propiedades fotocrómicas, método de obtención de dicho recubrimiento y uso aplicable a artículos ópticos y superficies acristaladasHernando, Jordi ; Roscini, Claudio ; Vázquez Mera, Nuria ; Ruiz Molina, Daniel traducción de patente
openAccessRobust spin crossover.pdf.jpg2013Robust spin crossover platforms with synchronized spin switch and polymer phase transitionNovio, Fernando ; Evangelio, Emi ; Vázquez Mera, Nuria ; González-Monje, Pablo ; Bellido, Elena ; Mendes, S.; Kehagias, N. ; Ruiz Molina, Daniel artículo
openAccessvalencetautomerism.pdf.jpg2016Switchable colloids, thin-films and interphases based on metal complexes with non-innocent ligands: the case of valence tautomerism and their applicationsVázquez Mera, Nuria ; Novio, Fernando ; Roscini, Claudio ; Bellacanzone, Christian; Guardingo, Mireia ; Hernando, Jordi ; Ruiz Molina, Daniel artículo