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openAccessCritical_point_problems_associated.pdf.jpg2014A critical point: The problems associated with the variety of criteria to quantify the antioxidant capacityPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
openAccessKinetic_factorial_pproach.pdf.jpg2015A Kinetic and Factorial Approach to Study the Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Growth and Toxin Production by the Dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii from the Baltic SeaSalgado, P.; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Riobó, Pilar ; Franco, José M. ; Figueroa, Rosa Isabel ; Kremp, Anke; Bravo, Isabelartículo
openAccessMathematical_model_for_glucose.pdf.jpg2004A mathematical model for glucose oxidase kinetics, including inhibitory, deactivant and diffusional effects, and their interactionsMirón, Jesús ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Pastrana, Lorenzo ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
openAccessInfections_with_V_anguillarum__MPlanas.pdf.jpg2005A model for experimental infections with Vibrio (Listonella) anguillarum in first feeding turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) larvae under hatchery conditionsPlanas, Miguel  ; Pérez-Lorenzo, María ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Pintado, José artículo
openAccessNew_model_quantify_Prieto_2014.pdf.jpg2014A new mathematical model to quantify and characterize the response to pro- and anti-oxidants of the copper-induced oxidation of LDL assay. A tool for examination of potential preventive compounds and clinical risk predictionPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
openAccessNew_microplate_procedure.pdf.jpg2013A new microplate procedure for simultaneous assessment of lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants and pro-oxidants, using crocin and β-carotene bleaching methods in a single combined assay: Tea extracts as a case studyPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Anders, Yvonne; Curran, Thomas P.artículo
openAccessSmart_pilot_plant_2017.pdf.jpg2017A smart pilot plant to valorise biomass associated to the new landing obligation: The LIFE iSEAS initiativePérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Antelo, L. T. ; Vilas Fernández, Carlos ; Franco-Uría, A. ; Alonso, Antonio A. comunicación de congreso
openAccessStandardized_kinetic_model.pdf.jpg2012A standardized kinetic model to evaluate the antioxidant activity responses. The β-Carotene method as a case study.Prieto, Miguel Ángel ; Rodríguez-Amado, I. ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Anders, Yvonne; Murado García, Miguel Anxo comunicación de congreso
openAccessTime-dase_model_quantify_Prieto2015.pdf.jpg2014A time-dose model to quantify the antioxidant responses of the oxidative hemolysis inhibition assay (OxHLIA) and its extension to evaluate other hemolytic effectorsPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Vázquez, José Antonio artículo
openAccess2010Acute toxicity of a shoreline cleaner, CytoSol, mixed with oil and ecological risk assessment of its use on the Galician CoastRial, Diego ; Beiras, Ricardo; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
closedAccess2008Alcoholic chestnut fermentation in mixed culture. Compatibility criteria between Aspergillus oryzae and Saccharomyces cerevisiae strainsMurado García, Miguel Anxo ; Pastrana, Lorenzo ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Mirón, Jesús ; González Fernández, Pilar artículo
closedAccess2013Amylase production by Aspergillus oryzae in a solid-state bioreactor with fed-batch operation using mussel processing wastewaters as feeding mediumTorrado, Ana ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Prieto, Miguel Ángel ; Fuciños, P. ; Montemayor, María I. ; Pastrana, Lorenzo ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
openAccessEfficient_methodology_2015.pdf.jpg2015An efficient methodology for quantification of synergy and antagonism in single electron transfer antioxidant assaysPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Curran, Thomas P.; Gowen, A.; Vázquez, José Antonio artículo
closedAccess2001An empirical model for describing the effects of nitrogen sources on nisin productionLópez Cabo, Marta ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Pastoriza, Laura artículo
openAccessEnvironmental_management_industrial_solution.pdf.jpg2015An environmental management industrial solution for the treatment and reuse of mussel wastewatersPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Prieto Lage, Iván; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Ferreira, Isabel C. F. R.artículo
openAccessIntegral_sustainable_2018.pdf.jpg2018An integral and sustainable valorisation strategy of squid pen by-productsVázquez, José Antonio ; Ramos, Patricia ; Valcárcel, J.; Antelo, L. T. ; Novoa-Carballal, Ramón; Reis, Rui L.; Pérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac artículo
embargoedAccessOnland_management_2020.pdf.jpg2020An on-land management and valorisation approach for biomass associated with landing obligation compliancePérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac ; Antelo, L. T. ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Mirón, Jesús artículo
openAccessAnalytical_criteria_quantify.pdf.jpg2014Analytical criteria to quantify and compare the antioxidant and pro-oxidant capacity in competition assays: the bell protection functionPrieto, Miguel Ángel ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo ; Vázquez, José Antonio ; Curran, Thomas P.artículo
openAccessBacteriocin_poduction_ph_gradient.pdf.jpg2006Bacteriocin production and pH gradient. Some mathematical models and their problems.Vázquez, José Antonio ; Mirón, Jesús ; González Fernández, Pilar ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo
openAccessBio-silage mussel.pdf.jpg2010Bio-silage of mussel work-processing wastes by lactobacilli on semi-solid cultureVázquez, José Antonio ; Rodrigues, Ana C.; Fuciños, P. ; Pastrana, Lorenzo ; Murado García, Miguel Anxo artículo