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openAccess1943-19-001-004.pdf.jpg10-Apr-1943A revision of the group Mesopsis (Orthoptera, Acrididae)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1948-24-003-014.pdf.jpg31-Oct-1948Andalusian Orthoptera described by RamburUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1926-02-004-016.pdf.jpg30-Dec-1926New or less known Acrididae from Central AsiaUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1930-06-004-017.pdf.jpg22-Dec-1930Orthoptera collected by M. Sureya Bey in TurkeyUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1931-07-002-009.pdf.jpg30-Jul-1931Orthoptera Palaearctica critica: IX. The genus Kabulia Ramme. (Acrid.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1928-04-002-012.pdf.jpg28-Nov-1928Orthoptera Palaearctica critica: VI. Genus Bergiola Stschelk. (Tettig.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1926-02-2_3-009.pdf.jpg28-Sep-1926Orthoptera palaearctica critica: II. Genus Tropidopola St. (Acrid.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1927-03-002-009.pdf.jpg24-May-1927Orthoptera palaearctica critica: IV. Genus Bucephaloptera Ebn. (Tettig.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1931-07-001-004.pdf.jpg15-Mar-1931Orthoptera Palaearctica Critica: VIII. A preliminary revision of the genus Aeropus Gistl. (Gomphocerus auct. partim) (Acrid.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1942-18-2_3-006.pdf.jpg29-Sep-1942Palaearctic Acrididae new to the Indian FaunaUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1934-10-1_2-002.pdf.jpg5-Aug-1934Studies in the Orthoptera of Turkey, Iraq and SyriaUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1950-EXTRA-019.pdf.jpg1950The genus Caloptenopsis I. Bolivar and its allies (Orthoptera, acrididae)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1925-01-001-003.pdf.jpg30-Mar-1925The genus Hilethera Uv. and its species (Orth. Acrid.)Uvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1935-11-001-002.pdf.jpg22-Aug-1935The Malcolm Burr collection of Palaearctic OrthopteraUvarov, B. P.artículo
openAccess1953-29-001-001.pdf.jpg1953Tree locusts of the genus Anacridium (Orthoptera, Acricliclae)Dirsh, V. M. ‎; Uvarov, B. P.artículo