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openAccessLafforgue et al. JVI.pdf.jpgDec-2012Dynamics of Potyvirus Systemic Infection Establishment: Independent yet Cumulative Action of Primary Infection SitesLafforgue, Guillaume ; Tromas, Nicolas; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Zwart, Mark P. Artículo
openAccessTromas et al 2014 J. Gen. Virol.pdf.jpg2014Estimation of the in vivo recombination rate for a plant RNA virusTromas, Nicolas; Zwart, Mark P. ; Maïté, Poulain; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessPlos_8_e64657.pdf.jpgMay-2013Model-Selection-Based Approach for Calculating Cellular Multiplicity of Infection during Virus Colonization of Multi-Cellular HostsZwart, Mark P. ; Tromas, Nicolas; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessGenome Biol Evol-2014-Tromas-538-50.pdf.jpg2014Shrinkage of genome size in a plant RNA virus upon transfer of an essential viral gene into the host genomeTromas, Nicolas; Zwart, Mark P. ; Forment, Javier ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
closedAccessMar-2011The evolutionary genetics of emerging plant RNA virusesElena, Santiago F.  ; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Bedhomme, Stéphanie ; Carrasco, Purificación ; Cuevas, José M. ; Iglesia, Francisca de la ; Lafforgue, Guillaume ; Lalic, Jasna ; Pròsper, Àngels; Tromas, Nicolas; Zwart, Mark P. Artículo
openAccessGenetics.pdf.jpg2010The Rate and Spectrum of Spontaneous Mutations in a Plant RNA VirusTromas, Nicolas; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessTromas et al PLoS Genet.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2014Within-Host Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Plant Virus Infection at the Cellular LevelTromas, Nicolas; Zwart, Mark P. ; Lafforgue, Guillaume ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessjournal.pgen.1004186.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2014Within-Host Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Plant Virus Infection at the Cellular LevelElena, Santiago F.  ; Lafforgue, Guillaume ; Zwart, Mark P. ; Tromas, NicolasArtículo