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openAccessPons-fncom-09-00114.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2015A predictive model of muscle excitations based on muscle modularity for a large repertoire of human locomotion conditionsGonzalez-Vargas, J.; Sartori, M.; Dosen, S.; Torricelli, D.; Pons Rovira, José Luis CSIC ORCID; Farina, D.artículo
openAccessBiomed Research Inter. 2014.pdf.jpg2014A tool for balance control training using muscle synergies and multimodal interfacesGaleano, D.; Brunetti, F.; Torricelli, D.; Piazza, D; Pons Rovira, José Luis CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessfnbot-13-00020.pdf.jpg2019A Variable Stiffness Actuator Module with Favorable Mass Distribution for a Bio-inspired Biped RobotRodriguez-Cianca, D; Weckx, M.; Jiménez-Fabián, R.; Torricelli, D.; Gonzalez-Vargas, J.; Sanchez-Villamañan, Maria del Carmen; Sartori, M.; Berns, K; Vanderborght, B.; Pons Rovira, José Luis CSIC ORCID; Lefeber, D.artículo
openAccessTorricelli_2016_Bioinsp..jpg22-Aug-2016Human-like compliant locomotion: State of the art of robotic implementationsTorricelli, D.; Gonzalez, J.; Weckx, M.; Jiménez-Fabián, R.; Vanderborght, B.; Sartori, M.; Dosen, S.; Farina, D.; Lefeber, D.; Pons Rovira, José Luis CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessUse of Functional Electrical Stimulation.pdf.jpg10-May-2017The Use of Functional Electrical Stimulation on the Upper Limb and Interscapular Muscles of Patients with Stroke for the Improvement of Reaching Movements: A Feasibility StudyCuesta-Gómez, Alicia; Molina-Rueda, F.; Carratala-Tejada, Maria; Imatz-Ojanguren, Eukene; Torricelli, D.; Miangolarra, Juan Carlosartículo