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closedAccess2013Critical role of the matricellular protein SPARC in mediating erythroid progenitor cell development in zebrafishCeinos, Rosa M. ; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Chamorro, Rubén ; Novoa, Beatriz ; Figueras Huerta, Antonio ; Ruane, Neil M.; Rotllant, Josep artículo
closedAccessApr-2013Identification and characterization of a new neural brain-to-bone pathway regulating bone mass accrualRotllant, Josep ; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel ; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Suárez-Bregua, Paula comunicación de congreso
openAccessInduction_triploidy_turbot.pdf.jpg2012Induction of triploidy in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) does not affect gross body morphology and skeleton characteristicsHernández-Urcera, Jorge; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Barreiro, Daniel; Barreiro-Lois, Andrés; Alonso-Farré, J. M.; Cal, Rosa; Rotllant, Josep artículo
openAccessMatricellular_protein_SPARC-Osteonectin.pdf.jpg2015Matricellular protein SPARC/osteonectin expression is regulated by DNA methylation in its core promoter regionTorres-Núñez, Eva ; Cal, Laura; Suárez-Bregua, Paula ; Gómez-Marín, Carlos ; Morán, Paloma; Gómez-Skarmeta, José Luis ; Rotllant, Josep artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2011Molecular basis of pigment pattern defects in finfish species. Implications for a suitable flatfish aquacultureRotllant, Josep ; Ceinos, Rosa M. ; Guillot, Raúl ; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Puchol, Sara; Cal, Rosa; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2015Molecular cloning and characterization of the matricellular protein Sparc/osteonectin in flatfish, Scophthalmus maximus, and its developmental stage-dependent transcriptional regulation during metamorphosisTorres-Núñez, Eva ; Suárez-Bregua, Paula ; Cal, Laura; Cal, Rosa; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel ; Rotllant, Josep artículo
openAccessUv-Torres-author version.pdf.jpg2012Molecular response to ultraviolet radiation exposure in fish embryos: implications for survival and morphological developmentTorres-Núñez, Eva ; Sobrino, Cristina; Neale, Patrick J.; Ceinos, Rosa M. ; Du, Shao Jun; Rotllant, Josep preprint
closedAccess2014Phenotypic plasticity during early ontogeny in cultured turbot (scophthalmus maximus): Changes in dorsal and anal fin ray counts by water temperatureTorres-Núñez, Eva ; Cal, Rosa; Rotllant, Josep artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2015Phosphorus nutritional requirements for fish skeletal development. New insights from zebrafishSuárez-Bregua, Paula ; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Prober, D.; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel ; Guerreiro, P. M.; Du, Shao Jun; Cañestro, C.; Rotllant, Josep póster de congreso
openAccessPTH4_ancient_parathyroid_2017.pdf.jpg2017Pth4, an ancient parathyroid hormone lost in eutherian mammals, reveals a new brain-to-bone signaling pathwaySuárez-Bregua, Paula ; Torres-Núñez, Eva ; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel ; Rotllant, Josep preprint
openAccessTesis_Eva_Torres.pdf.jpg2014Sparc (Osteonectin): new insight into the function and regulationTorres-Núñez, Eva tesis doctoral