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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessWanninter.pdf.jpg2018Ab initio calculation of the shift photocurrent by Wannier interpolationIbañez-Azpiroz, Julen; Tsirkin, S. S.; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessversion wannier90.pdf.jpg2014An updated version of wannier90: A tool for obtaining maximally-localised Wannier functionsMostofi, Arash A.; Yates, Jonathan R.; Souza, Ivo ; Marzari, Nicolaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Anisotropy of spin relaxation and transverse transport in metalsMokrousov, Y.; Zhang, Hongbin; Freimuth, F.; Zimmermann, Bernd; Long, Nguyen H.; Weischenberg, Jürgen; Souza, Ivo ; Mavropoulos, Phivos; Blügel, S.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Applications of spinor Wannier functions to ferromagnetic metals and topological insulatorsSouza, Ivo comunicación de congreso
openAccessaxionrepre.pdf.jpg2020Axion coupling in the hybrid Wannier representationVarnava, Nicodemos; Souza, Ivo ; Vanderbilt, Davidartículo
openAccess2011Chern-Simons orbital magnetoelectric coupling in generic insulatorsCoh, Sinisa; Vanderbilt, David; Malashevich, Andrei; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessComment on Weyl.pdf.jpg2014Comment on "Weyl fermions and the anomalous Hall effect in metallic ferromagnets"Vanderbilt, David; Souza, Ivo ; Haldane, F. D. M.artículo
openAccessweyltime.pdf.jpg2017Composite Weyl nodes stabilized by screw symmetry with and without time-reversal invarianceTsirkin, S. S.; Souza, Ivo ; Vanderbilt, Davidartículo
openAccessComputation_intrinsic.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2019Computation of intrinsic spin Hall conductivities from first principles using maximally localized Wannier functionsRyoo, Ji Hoon; Park, Cheol-Hwan; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessdirectN.pdf.jpg2020Directional shift current in mirror-symmetric BC2NIbañez-Azpiroz, Julen; Souza, Ivo ; Juan, Fernando deartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2002First-principles calculation of the orbital magnetoelectric responseSouza, Ivo ; Malashevich, Andrei; Coh, Sinisa; Vanderbilt, Davidcomunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Full magnetoelectric response from first-principlesSouza, Ivo comunicación de congreso
openAccessFull magnetoelectric response.pdf.jpg2012Full magnetoelectric response of Cr2O3 from first principlesMalashevich, Andrei; Coh, Sinisa; Souza, Ivo ; Vanderbilt, Davidartículo
openAccessGapless_hinge.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2020Gapless hinge states from adiabatic pumping of axion couplingOlsen, Thomas; Rauch, Tomáš; Vanderbilt, David; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessgeometricnon.pdf.jpg2018Geometric and nongeometric contributions to the surface anomalous Hall conductivityRauch, Tomáš; Olsen, Thomas; Vanderbilt, David; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessgyropricip.pdf.jpg2018Gyrotropic effects in trigonal tellurium studied from first principlesTsirkin, S. S.; Aguado-Puente, Pablo; Souza, Ivo artículo
openAccessBerry-phase.pdf.jpg2014How disorder affects the Berry-phase anomalous Hall conductivity: A reciprocal-space analysisBianco, Raffaello; Resta, Raffaele; Souza, Ivo artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Magnetoelectric coupling and surface anomalous Hall effectSouza, Ivo comunicación de congreso
openAccessWannier functions.pdf.jpg2012Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applicationsMarzari, Nicola; Mostofi, Arash A.; Yates, Jonathan R.; Souza, Ivo ; Vanderbilt, Davidartículo
openAccessmetalmatrix.pdf.jpg2017Metal-insulator transition in disordered systems from the one-body density matrixOlsen, Thomas; Resta, Raffaele; Souza, Ivo artículo