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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2002238U, 226Ra, 210Pb, 232Th and 40K activities in soil profiles of the Flysch sector (Central Spanish Pyrenees)Navas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Soto, Jesús; Machín Gayarre, Javier artículo
openAccessNavasA_RadMeasurements_2008.pdf.jpgAug-2008A simple model of Cs-137 profile to estimate soil redistribution in cultivated stony soilsSoto, Jesús; Navas Izquierdo, Ana  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2005Assessing soil erosion in a Pyrenean mountain catchment using GIS and fallout 137CsNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Machín Gayarre, Javier ; Soto, Jesúsartículo
openAccessMorellon_in press_JOPL_uncorrected proofs.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2011Climate changes and human activities recorded in the sediments of Lake Estanya (NE Spain) during the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice AgeMorellón, Mario ; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.  ; González-Sampériz, Penélope ; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa ; Rubio, Esther; Rieradevall, María; Delgado Huertas, Antonio  ; Mata, M. Pilar; Romero, Óscar E. ; Engstrom, D. R.; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; Navas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Soto, Jesúsartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2002Edaphic and physiographic factors affecting the distribution of natural gamma-emitting radionuclides in the soils of the Arnäs catchment in the Central Spanish PyreneesNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Soto, Jesús; Machín Gayarre, Javier artículo
openAccessNavasA_SoilSci_2005.pdf.jpgSep-2005Mobility of natural radionuclides and selected major and trace elements along a soil toposequence in the Central Spanish PyreneesNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Machín Gayarre, Javier ; Soto, Jesúsartículo
openAccessNavasA_JAridEnvironm_2004.pdf.jpgDec-2004A model of 137Cs activity profile for soil erosion studies in uncultivated soils of Mediterranean environmentsNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Soto, Jesúsartículo
openAccessNavasA_ApplRadIsot_2005.pdf.jpgMay-2005Radionuclides in soils of Byers Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, Western AntarcticaNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Soto, Jesús; López-Martínez, Jerónimoartículo
openAccess2007 Spain-CentralEbroValley 137Cs NavasA et al López-VicenteM DIGITAL-CSIC.pdf.jpgNov-2007Variability in 137Cs inventories and potential climatic and lithological controls in the central Ebro valley, SpainNavas Izquierdo, Ana  ; Walling, D. E.; Quine, Timothy A.; Machín Gayarre, Javier ; Soto, Jesús; Domenech, S.; López-Vicente, Manuel  ; López-Vicente, Manuel  artículo