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openAccessSobrino Francsico A single Amino Acid.pdf.jpgMar-2011A single amino acid substitution in the capsid of foot-and-mouth disease virus can increase acid resistanceMartín-Acebes, Miguel Ángel; Vázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Rincón, Verónica; Mateu, Mauricio G. ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco artículo
openAccessSingle_Cañas_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020A Single Dose of Dendrimer B2T Peptide Vaccine Partially Protects Pigs against Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus InfectionCañas-Arranz, Rodrigo; Forner, Mar; Defaus, Sira; León, Patricia de ; Bustos, Maria José; Torres, Elisa; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Andreu, David; Blanco, Estherartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012A T-cell epitope on NS3 non-structural protein enhances the B and T cell responses elicited by dendrimeric constructions against CSFV in domestic pigsTarradas, Joan; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Ganges, Llilianneartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Acid-dependent viral entryVázquez Calvo, M. Carmen ; Saiz, Juan Carlos; McCullough, Kenneth C.; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccessMartinAcebesMA_AnIncrease.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2013An increase in acid resistance of foot-and-mouth disease virus capsid is mediated by a tyrosine replacement of the VP2 histidine previously associated with VP0 cleavageVázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Caridi, Flavia ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccessF_Sobrino_Clin_Develp_Immun.pdf.jpg2013B epitope multiplicity and B/T epitope orientation influence immunogenicity of foot-and-mouth disease peptide vaccinesBlanco, Esther; Cubillos Zapata, Carolina; Bárcena del Riego, Juan; Torre, Beatriz G. de la; Andreu, David; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Moreno, Noeliaartículo
closedAccess2013Characterization of a nuclear localization signal in the foot-and-mouth disease virus polymeraseSánchez Aparicio, M. Teresa ; Rosas, María Flora ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco artículo
openAccessclinical_infections_herpesviruses_patients_treated_valproic_acid.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2019Clinical infections by herpesviruses in patients treated with valproic acid: a nested case-control study in the spanish primary care database, BIFAPGil, Miguel; González-González, Rocío; Vázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Álvarez-Gutiérrez, Arturo; Martín-Acebes, Miguel A.; Praena, Beatriz; Bello-Morales, Raquel; Saiz, Juan-Carlos; López-Guerrero, José Antonio ; Tabarés, Enrique; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco artículo
openAccess2319483_B1.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2010Construcción peptídica dendrimérica para la prevención de la fiebre aftosa en animalesBlanco Lavilla, Esther; Bárcena del Riego, Juan; Cubillos Zapata, Carolina; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Andreu, David; García de la Torre, Beatrizpatente
openAccessSáizM_DeliveryOfSynthetic.pdf.jpg2013Delivery of synthetic RNA can enhance the immunogenicity of vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in miceBorrego, Belén ; Rodríguez Pulido, Miguel Ramón ; Mateos, Francisco; Losa, Nuria de la; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Sáiz, Margarita artículo
openAccessAR062182A1.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2008Dendrimeric peptide construct for the prevention of foot-and-mouth disease in animalsGarcía de la Torre, Beatriz; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Cubillos Zapata, Carolina; Bárcena del Riego, Juan; Blanco Lavilla, Esther; Andreu, Davidpatente
openAccessMartín-AcebesMA_EquineRhinitisAVirus.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2016Equine rhinitis A virus mutants with altered acid resistance unveil a key role of VP3 and intrasubunit interactions in the control of the pH stability of the Aphthovirus capsidCaridi, Flavia ; Cañas-Arranz, Rodrigo; Vázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccessE_Martinez_Salas_Exploring.pdf.jpg2012Exploring IRES region accessibility by interference of foot-and-mouth disease virus infectivityFajardo, Teodoro; Rosas, María Flora ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martínez-Salas, Encarnación artículo
openAccessMartín-AcebesMA_FirstCompleteCodingSequence.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2016First complete coding sequence of a Spanish isolate of swine vesicular disease virusVázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Saiz, Juan Carlos; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccess1743-422X-9-66.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2012Inclusion of a specific T cell epitope increases the protection conferred against foot-and-mouth disease virus in pigs by a linear peptide containing an immunodominant B cell siteCubillos Zapata, Carolina; García de la Torre, Beatriz; Bárcena del Riego, Juan; Andreu, David; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Blanco, Estherartículo
openAccessSobrino_F.InhibitionOfEncevelopedVirus.pdf.jpg2011Inhibition of enveloped virus infection of cultured cells by valproid acidVázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Saiz, Juan-Carlos; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Inhibition of multiplication of the prototypic arenavirus LCMV by valproic acidVázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángel; Saiz, Juan Carlos; Ngo, Nhi; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco artículo
openAccessSobrinoF_MembraneTopologyandCellular.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2014Membrane topology and cellular dynamics of foot-and-mouth disease virus 3A proteinGonzález-Magaldi, Mónica ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángel; Kremer, Leonor ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco artículo
openAccessMartín-AcebesMA_ModificationOfTheHostCellLipid.pdf.jpg2016Modification of the host cell lipid metabolism induced by hypolipidemic drugs targeting the acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase impairs West Nile virus replicationMerino-Ramos, Teresa; Vázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Casas, Josefina  ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Saiz, Juan Carlos; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Modulation of foot-and-mouth disease virus pH threshold for uncoating correlates with differential sensitivity to inhibition of cellular Rab GTPases and decreases infectivity in vivoVázquez-Calvo, Ángela ; Caridi, Flavia ; Rodríguez-Pulido, Miguel; Borrego, Belén ; Sáiz, Margarita ; Sobrino Castelló, Francisco ; Martín-Acebes, Miguel Ángelartículo