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openAccess3-Jun-2008Acid washing effect on elemental and isotopic composition of whole beach arthropods: implications for food web studies using stables isotopesSerrano, Oscar ; Serrano, Laura ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Colombini, Isabella; Chelazzi, Lorenzo; Gagnarli, Elena; Fallaci, MarioArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Characterization of soils beneath a Posidonia oceanica meadowSerrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Renom, P. ; Julià Brugués, Ramón Artículo
openAccessSerrano et al. manuscript_Chemical geology (accepted).pdf.jpg4-Oct-2008Effects of sample pre-treatment on the d13C and d18O values of living benthic foraminiferaSerrano, Oscar ; Serrano, Laura ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  Artículo
openAccess9-May-2008Effects of sample preparation on stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen in marine invertebrates: implications for food web studies using stable isotopesMateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Serrano, Oscar ; Serrano, L.; Michener, R. H.Artículo
openAccess2009On the role of Posidonia oceanica beach wrack for macro- invertebrates of a Tyrrhenian sandy shoreColombini, Isabella; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Serrano, Oscar ; Fallaci, Mario; Gagnarli, Elena; Serrano, Laura ; Chelazzi, LorenzoArtículo
closedAccess2009Palaeoecological potential of the marine organic deposits of Posidonia oceanica: A case study in the NE Iberian PeninsulaLópez Sáez, José Antonio  ; López-Merino, Lourdes; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Serrano, Oscar ; Pérez-Díaz, S.; Serrano, Laura Artículo
closedAccess2012Seagrass ecosystems as a globally significant carbon stockFourqurean, James W.; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Kennedy, Hilary; Marbà, Núria ; Holmer, Marianne; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Apostolaki, Eugenia T.; Kendrick, Gary A.; Krause-Jensen, Dorte; McGlathery, K. J.; Serrano, Oscar Artículo
openAccessMEPS423.pdf.jpg2011Seasonal response of Posidonia oceanica to light disturbancesSerrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Renom, P. Artículo
openAccess2011Temperature effects on decomposition of Posidonia oceanica mat.Pedersen, M. O.; Serrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Holmer, MarianneArtículo
openAccess2011The Posidonia oceanica marine sedimentary record: A Holocene archive of heavy metal pollutionSerrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Dueñas Bohórquez, A.; Renom, O.; López Sáez, José Antonio  ; Martínez Cortizas, A. Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0073748.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2013Variability in the Carbon Storage of Seagrass Habitats and Its Implications for Global Estimates of Blue Carbon Ecosystem ServiceLavery, Paul S. ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Serrano, Oscar ; Rozaimi, M.Artículo
openAccessLo_Iacono_et_al_2008.pdf.jpgSep-2008Very high-resolution seismo-acoustic imaging of seagrass meadows (Mediterranean Sea): Implications for carbon sink estimatesLo Iacono, Claudio ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Gràcia, Eulàlia  ; Guasch, Lluis; Carbonell, Ramón  ; Serrano, Laura ; Serrano, Oscar ; Dañobeitia, Juan José  Artículo