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openAccessbiocon.pdf.jpg2006Adaptive range selection by golden eagles in a changing landscape: A multiple modelling approachSergio, Fabrizio ; Pedrini, Paolo; Rizzolli; Marchesi, LuigiArtículo
openAccessago-2009Age-related improvement in reproductive performance in a long-lived raptor: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyBlas, Julio ; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Hiraldo, F. Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005Biases in population diet studies due to sampling in heterogeneous environments: A case study with the Eagle OwlPenteriani, Vincenzo ; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Delgado, María del Mar ; Gallardo, Max; Ferrer, Miguel Artículo
openAccessFigure 1.PDF.jpg2014Bioaccumulation and biomagnification of emerging and classical flame retardants in bird eggs of 14 species from Doñana Natural Space and surrounding areas (South-western Spain)Barón, E.; Máñez, Manuel ; Andreu, Ana C. ; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Hiraldo, F. ; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
openAccessbiodiversity.pdf.jpg2007Biodiversity gradients in the Alps: The overriding importance of elevationSergio, Fabrizio ; Pedrini, PaoloArtículo
openAccessJavian.pdf.jpg2006Brightness variability in the white badge of the eagle owl Bubo buboPenteriani, Vincenzo ; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos ; Delgado, María del Mar ; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Ferrer, Miguel Artículo
openAccessrapt-47-02-10.pdf.jpg2013Carotenoids and skin coloration in a social raptorBlas, Julio ; Cabezas, Sonia; Figuerola, Jordi ; López, Lidia; Tanferna, Alessandro; Hiraldo, F. ; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Negro, Juan J. Artículo
openAccessanbehav.pdf.jpg2007Coexistence of a generalist owl with its intraguild predator: distance-sensitive or habitat-mediated avoidance?Sergio, Fabrizio ; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, Paolo; Penteriani, Vincenzo Artículo
openAccessIbis.pdf.jpg2009Conservation of Scops Owl Otus scops in the Alps: Relationships with grassland management, predation risk and wider biodiversitySergio, Fabrizio ; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, PaoloArtículo
openAccessnature.pdf.jpg2005Conservation: Top predators and biodiversitySergio, Fabrizio ; Newton, I.; Marchesi, LuigiArtículo
openAccessmay-2011Coping with uncertainty: breeding adjustments to an unpredictable environment in an opportunistic raptorSergio, Fabrizio ; Blas, Julio ; López, Lidia; Tanferna, Alessandro; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo ; Donázar, José A. ; Hiraldo, F. Artículo
openAccessLegend_description_variables.pdf.jpg5-oct-2018Death detection with GPS- and satellite-tracking dataSergio, Fabrizio ; Tanferna, Alessandro; Blas, Julio ; Blanco, Guillermo ; Hiraldo, F. Dataset
openAccess2016Decoration increases the conspicuousness of raptor nestsCanal, David  ; Mulero-Pázmány, Margarita; Negro, Juan J. ; Sergio, Fabrizio Artículo
openAccess2016Decoration increases the conspicuousness of raptor nests [Dataset]Canal, David  ; Mulero-Pázmány, Margarita; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Negro, Juan J. Dataset
openAccessjournal.pone.0049187.pdf.jpg14-nov-2012Demographic Consequences of Poison-Related Mortality in a Threatened Bird of PreyTenan, Simone; Adrover, Jaume; Muñoz-Navarro, Antoni; Sergio, Fabrizio ; Tavecchia, Giacomo Artículo
openAccessbird study.pdf.jpg2008Density, diet and productivity of Long-eared Owls Asio otus in the Italian Alps: The importance of Microtus volesSergio, Fabrizio ; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, PaoloArtículo
openAccessibis.pdf.jpg2005Development of chicks and predispersal behaviour of young in the Eagle Owl Bubo buboPenteriani, Vincenzo ; Delgado, María del Mar ; Maggio, C.; Aradis, A.; Sergio, Fabrizio Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0049659.pdf.jpg2012Different Location Sampling Frequencies by Satellite Tags Yield Different Estimates of Migration Performance: Pooling Data Requires a Common ProtocolTanferna, Alessandro; López-Jiménez, Lidia ; Blas, Julio ; Hiraldo, F. ; Sergio, Fabrizio Artículo
openAccess10.1007-s00442-013-2599-6.pdf.jpg2013Does avian conspicuous colouration increase or reduce predation risk?Ruiz-Rodríguez, M.; Avilés, Jesús M. ; Cuervo, José Javier ; Parejo, D.; Ruano, F.; Zamora-Muñoz, G.; Sergio, Fabrizio ; López-Jiménez, Lidia ; Tanferna, Alessandro; Martín-Vivaldi, ManuelArtículo
openAccessJapplied.pdf.jpg2006Ecologically justified charisma: Preservation of top predators delivers biodiversity conservationSergio, Fabrizio ; Newton, I.; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, PaoloArtículo