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closedAccess2010Absorption and metabolization of cytoprotective epicatechin thio conjugates in rats.Selga, Ariadna; Vinardell, M. Pilar CSIC ORCID; Martín-Venegas, Raquel; Jáuregui, Olga; Casas, Josefina ; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess29-Nov-2005A comparison between bark extracts from Pinus pinaster and Pinus radiata: Antioxidant activity and procyanidin compositionJerez, María; Selga, Ariadna; Sineiro, Jorge; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Núñez, María Joséartículo
closedAccess14-Jan-2004Efficient one pot extraction and depolymerization of grape (Vitis vinifera) pomace procyanidins for the preparation of antioxidant thio-conjugatesSelga, Ariadna; Sort, Xavier; Bobet, Raül; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess7-Sep-2005Efficient preparation of catechin thio conjugates by one step extraction/depolymerization of pine (Pinus pinaster) bark procyanidinsSelga, Ariadna; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess28-Oct-2004Immunomodulatory activity of a new family of antioxidants obtained from grape polyphenolsMitjans, Montserrat; Campo, Jaime del; Abajo, Celia; Martínez, Verónica; Selga, Ariadna; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Vinardell, M. Pilar CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccess30-Apr-2005Procyanidin fractions from pine (Pinus pinaster) bark: radical scavenging power in solution, antioxidant activity in emulsion, and antiproliferative effect in melanoma cellsTouriño, Sonia; Selga, Ariadna; Jiménez, Aurora; Juliá, Lluís CSIC ORCID; Lozano, Carles; Lizárraga, Daneida; Cascante, Marta CSIC ORCID; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessApr-2003Procyanidin size and composition by thiolysis with cysteamine hydrochloride and chromatographyTorres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Selga, Ariadnaartículo
closedAccess29-Oct-2004Reducing activity of polyphenols with stable radicals of the TTM series. Electron transfer versus H-abstraction reactions in flavan-3-olsJiménez, Aurora; Selga, Ariadna; Torres, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID; Juliá, Lluís CSIC ORCIDartículo