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embargoedAccessJ. Brandts_Gender differences.pdf.jpgFeb-2020Are there gender differences in status-ranking aversion?Brandts, Jordi  ; Gërxhani, Klarita; Schram, Arthurartículo
openAccess58103.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2003Competition with Forward Contracts: A Laboratory Analysis Motivated by Electricity Market DesignBrandts, Jordi  ; Pezanis-Christou, Paul; Schram, Arthurdocumento de trabajo
openAccessCooperation and Noise.pdf.jpg2001Cooperation and noise in public goods experiments: Applying the contribution function approachBrandts, Jordi  ; Schram, Arthurartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Cooperation in VCM Experiments: Results Using the Contribution Function ApproachBrandts, Jordi  ; Schram, Arthurcapítulo de libro
openAccess53202.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2002How Universal is Behavior? A Four Country Comparison of Spite, Cooperation and Errors in Voluntary Contribution MechanismsBrandts, Jordi  ; Saijo, Tatsuyoshi; Schram, Arthurdocumento de trabajo
openAccess70707.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2007Information Networks and Worker RecruitmentBrandts, Jordi  ; Schram, Arthur; Gërxhani, Klaritadocumento de trabajo
openAccess10.1016-j.euroecorev.2010.03.003.pdf.jpgNov-2010Information, bilateral negotiations, and worker recruitmentSchram, Arthur; Brandts, Jordi  ; Gërxhani, Klaritaartículo
openAccessPivotal Suppliers.pdf.jpg2011Pivotal Suppliers and Market Power in Experimental Supply Function CompetitionBrandts, Jordi  ; Reynolds, Stanley; Schram, Arthurdocumento de trabajo
openAccess10.1016-j.jebo.2010.09.007.pdf.jpgDec-2010Size doesn't matter! Gift exchange in experimental labor marketsBrandts, Jordi  ; Gërxhani, Klarita; Schram, Arthur; Ygosse-Battisti, J.artículo
openAccessSocial-status ranking_Schram.pdf.jpgJul-2019Social-status ranking: a hidden channel to gender inequality under competitionSchram, Arthur; Brandts, Jordi  ; Gërxhani, Klaritaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgOct-2013The emergence of employer information networks in an experimental labor marketGërxhani, Klarita; Brandts, Jordi  ; Schram, Arthurartículo