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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007A comparative study of iron bioavailability from cocoa supplemented with ferric pyrophosphate or ferrous fumarate in ratsNavas-Carretero, S.; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Pérez Granados, Ana M. ; Schoppen, S.; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Vaquero, M. Pilar  artículo
openAccess17-Oct-2011A comparative study of the effects of regularly consuming two cocoa products with different polyphenols levels on cardiovascular health in humans.Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Gómez Juaristi, Miren ; Fernández-Espinosa, Aránzazu ; Goya, Luis ; Mateos, Raquel  ; Bravo, Laura comunicación de congreso
openAccess26-Oct-2011A fibre rich product obtained from cocoa husk induces hypotensive and hypoglycaemic effects in moderately hypercholesterolemic humans.Sarriá, Beatriz ; Mateos, Raquel  ; Sierra-Cinos, J. L.; Goya, Luis ; García-Diz, L.; Bravo, Laura comunicación de congreso
openAccessprotectcaco2.pdf.jpg2016A phenolic extract from grape by-products and its main hydroxybenzoic acids protect Caco-2 cells against pro-oxidant induced toxicityWang, Shenli; Mateos, Raquel  ; Goya, Luis ; Amigo-Benavent, Miryam; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013A study of the bioavailability of green coffee methylxanthines in humansBravo, Laura ; Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Goya, Luis ; Mateos, Raquel  comunicación de congreso
openAccessabsortmathuman.pdf.jpg2018Absorption and metabolism of yerba mate phenolic compounds in humansGómez Juaristi, Miren ; Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  artículo
openAccess9-Sep-2014Acción moduladora de marcadores cardiovasculares y de obesidad en café verde y yerba mateBravo, Laura ; Martínez López, Sara; Mateos, Raquel  ; Sarriá, Beatriz comunicación de congreso
closedAccessFICHERO RESTRINGIDO.txt.pdf.jpg2011Alkyl hydroxytyrosyl ethers show protective effects against oxidative stress in HepG2 cellsPereira-Caro, Gema; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Madrona, Andrés; Espartero, José L.; Goya, Luis ; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  artículo
closedAccessFICHERO RESTRINGIDO.txt.pdf.jpg2013Anticancer activity of olive oil hydroxytyrosyl acetate in human adenocarcinoma caco-2 cellsMateos, Raquel  ; Pereira-Caro, Gema; Bacon, James R.; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura ; Kroon, Paul A.artículo
openAccessantilines.pdf.jpg2017Antiproliferative and cytotoxic effects of green coffee and yerba mate extracts, their main hydroxycinnamic acids, methylxanthine and metabolites in different human cell linesAmigo-Benavent, Miryam; Wang, Shenli; Mateos, Raquel  ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura artículo
openAccess2013Bioactive compounds in soluble cocoa products; polyphenols, dietary fibre and methylxanthinesGómez Juaristi, Miren ; Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Permanyer, Jon; Mateos, Raquel  ; Bravo, Laura comunicación de congreso
openAccess2013Bioavailability and metabolism of nitroderivatives of hydroxytyrosol by human cell model systemsGallardo, Elena; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Espartero, José L.; González Correa, José A.; Cruz, José P. de la; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  comunicación de congreso
openAccessbioavacellmodel.pdf.jpg2018Bioavailability and metabolism of rosemary infusion polyphenols using Caco-2 and HepG2 cell model systemsAchour, Mariem; Saguem, Saad; Bravo, Laura ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Mateos, Raquel  artículo
openAccess17-Oct-2011Bioavailability and metabolism of three structurally different flavonoids by Caco-2 cells.Gómez Juaristi, Miren ; Mateos, Raquel  ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Martínez López, Sara; Goya, Luis ; Bravo, Laura comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2021Bioavailability and nutrikinetics of rosemary tea phenolic compounds in humansAchour, Mariem; Bravo, Laura ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Ben Fredj, Maha; Nouira, Manel; Mtiraoui, Ali; Saguem, Saad; Mateos, Raquel  artículo
openAccesscolonimetabo.pdf.jpg2018Bioavailability of hydroxycinnamate derivatives after consuming a soluble green/roasted coffee blend by humans. Identification of novel colonic metabolitesGómez Juaristi, Miren ; Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  artículo
openAccess5-Jun-2014Bioavailability of hydroxytyrosol in hydroxytyrosyl-enriched biscuits in healthy humans.Mateos, Raquel  ; Martínez López, Sara; Baeza, Gema ; Amigo-Benavent, Miryam; Permanyer, Jon; Espartero, José L.; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Bioconversion by gut microbiota of predigested mango (Mangifera indica L) peel polyphenols assessed in a dynamic in vitro model of the human colonSáyago-Ayerdi, Sonia G.; Venema, K.; Tabernero, María; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  póster de congreso
openAccessChemo-protective activity and characterization of phenolic extracts from Corema album.pdf.jpg2012Chemo-protective activity and characterization of phenolic extracts from Corema albumLeón-González, Antonio J.; Mateos, Raquel  ; Ramos, Sonia  ; Martín, M. Ángeles ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Martín-Cordero, Carmen; López Lázaro, Miguel; Bravo, Laura ; Goya, Luis artículo
openAccesscocohuma.pdf.jpg2020Cocoa colonic phenolic metabolites are related to HDL-cholesterol raising effects and methylxanthine metabolites and insoluble dietary fibre to anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic effects in humansSarriá, Beatriz ; Gómez Juaristi, Miren ; Martínez López, Sara; García-Cordero, J.; Bravo, Laura ; Mateos, Raquel  artículo