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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014A discrete neutral transition-metal citrate cubane with an M4O4 core; coordinative versatility of the [MII4(citrate)4]8- fragmentFalvello, Larry R.; Forcén-Vázquez, E.; Palacio, Fernando; Sanz, Sergio; Tomás, Milagros artículo
openAccessCalix[4].pdf.jpg2012Calix[4]arene-supported rare earth octahedraSanz, Sergio; Teat, Simon J.; Evangelisti, Marco; Brechin, Euan K.; Dalgarno, Scott J.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Cascada de protones en un sólido molecularForcén-Vázquez, E.; Capelli, Silvia C.; Falvello, Larry R.; McIntyre, G. J.; Palacio, Fernando; Sanz, Sergio; Tomás, Milagros comunicación de congreso
openAccessCombining oxime.pdf.jpg2014Combining oxime-based [Mn6] clusters with cyanometalates: 1D chains of [Mn6] SMMs from [M(CN)2]- (M = Au, Ag)Sanz, Sergio; Lorusso, Giulia; Evangelisti, Marco; Coles, Simon J.; Nichol, Gary S.; Brechin, Euan K.artículo
openAccessCopper keplerates.pdf.jpg2016Copper keplerates: high-symmetry magnetic moleculesPalacios, Maria A.; Moreno Pineda, Eufemio; Sanz, Sergio; Inglis, Ross; Coles, Simon J.; Evangelisti, Marco; Brechin, Euan K.; Schnack, Jürgen; Winpenny, Richard E. P.artículo
closedAccess30-Apr-2007Gold compounds as efficient co-catalysts in palladium-catalysed alkynylation.Jones, Lathe A.; Sanz, Sergio; Laguna, Mariano artículo
closedAccess17-Jan-2007Homogeneous Catalyst with Gold: Efficient Hydration of Phenylacetylene in Aqueous Media.Sanz, Sergio; Jones, Lathe A.; Mohr, Fabian; Laguna, Mariano artículo
openAccessmagnetocaloricproperties.pdf.jpg2015Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of an unusual family of carbonate-panelled [LnIII6ZnII2] cagesSanz, Sergio; Nichol, Gary S.; Lorusso, Giulia; Evangelisti, Marco; Brechin, Euan K.; Piligkos, Stergiosartículo
openAccessM2M3ligand.pdf.jpg2017[MIII2 MII3] n+ trigonal bipyramidal cages based on diamagnetic and paramagnetic metalloligandsSanz, Sergio; O'Connor, H. M.; Martí-Centelles, V.; Comar, P.; Pitak, M. B.; Coles, Simon J.; Lorusso, Giulia; Palacios, Elias; Evangelisti, Marco; Baldansuren, A.; Chilton, N. F.; Weihe, Høgni; McInnes, Eric J. L.; Lusby, P. J.; Piligkos, Stergios; Brechin, Euan K.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Proton cascade in a molecular solid: H/D exchange on mobile and immobile waterCapelli, Silvia C.; Falvello, Larry R.; Forcén-Vázquez, E.; McIntyre, G. J.; Palacio, Fernando; Sanz, Sergio; Tomás, Milagros artículo
openAccessMohr_4_39.pdf.jpg2006Water-soluble and water-stable gold(I), gold(II) and gold(III) phosphine complexes: The early yearsMohr, Fabian; Sanz, Sergio; Vergara, Elena; Cerrada, Elena ; Laguna, Mariano artículo
closedAccessMay-2006Water-soluble and water-stable organometallic gold(II) complexesMohr, Fabian; Sanz, Sergio; Tiekink, Edward R. T.; Laguna, Mariano artículo