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openAccessCarrascoL_AViralmRNAMotifAtThe3'-Untranslated.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2016A Viral mRNA Motif at the 3′-Untranslated Region that Confers Translatability in a Cell-Specific Manner. Implications for Virus EvolutionGarcía-Moreno, Manuel ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrasco L Differential Action.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2015Differential action of pateamine A on translation of genomic and subgenomic mRNAs from Sindbis virusGonzález-Almela, Esther; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; García-Moreno, Manuel ; Northcote, Peter; Pelletier, Jerry; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessLCarrasco_Virology_430.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2007Differential inhibition of cellular and Sindbis virus translation by brefeldin AMolina, Susana; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Madan, Vanesa; Ventoso, Iván ; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessSanz_et_al_PLoS_ONE_4_3_2009.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2009Dual mechanism for the translation of subgenomic mRNA from Sindbis virus in infected and uninfected cellsSanz, Miguel Ángel ; Castelló, Alfredo; Ventoso, Iván ; Berlanga, Juan José; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccesschickpea_Cobos.pdf.jpg2016Genotype and environment effects on sensory, nutritional, and physical traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)Cobos, María José; Izquierdo, Inmaculada; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Tomás, Antonio; Gil, Juan; Flores, Fernando; Rubio, Josefaartículo
openAccessCarrasco L Inhibition of host.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2014Inhibition of host protein synthesis by Sindbis virus: Correlation with viral RNA replication and release of nuclear proteins to the cytoplasmSanz, Miguel Ángel ; García-Moreno, Manuel ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrasco L Initiation.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2015Initiation codon selection is accomplished by a scanning mechanism without crucial initiation factors in sindbis virus subgenomic mRNAGarcía-Moreno, Manuel ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessneddpatien.pdf.jpg2017NEDD 9 an independent good prognostic factor in intermediaterisk acute myeloid leukemia patientsPallarès, Victor; Hoyos, Montserrat; Chillón, M. del Carmen; Barragán, Eva; Prieto-Conde, Isabel; Llop, Marta; Céspedes, María Virtudes; Nomdedéu, Josep F.; Brunet, Salut; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; González, Marcos  ; Sierra, Jorge; Casanova, Isolda; Mangues, Ramonartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Phosphorylation of eIF2α is responsible for the failure of the picornavirus internal ribosome entry site to direct translation from Sindbis virus repliconsSanz, Miguel Ángel ; Redondo, Natalia ; García-Moreno, Manuel ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Requirements for eIF4A and eIF2 during translation of Sindbis virus subgenomic mRNA in vertebrate and invertebrate host cellsGarcía-Moreno, Manuel ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Pelletier, Jerry; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_TheRegulationofTranslation.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2018The regulation of translation in alphavirus-infected cellsCarrasco, Luís; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; González-Almela, Estherartículo
openAccessLuis_Carrasco_Translation.pdf.jpg2012Translation Directed by Hepatitis A Virus IRES in the Absence of Active eIF4F Complex and eIF2Redondo, Natalia ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Steinberger, Jutta; Skern, Tim; Kuson, Yuri; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_TranslationOfSindbisSubgenomic.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2017Translation of Sindbis Subgenomic mRNA is Independent of eIF2, eIF2A and eIF2DSanz, Miguel Ángel ; González Almela, Eshter; Carrasco, Luísartículo
openAccessLCarrasco_JMB_942.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2005Translation of Sindbis Virus 26 S mRNA Does Not Require Intact Eukariotic Initiation Factor 4GCastelló, Alfredo; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Molina, Susana; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_TransllationOfViralmRNA.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2011Translation of viral mRNA without active eIF2: The case of picornavirusesWelnowska, Ewelina ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Redondo, Natalia ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Translation of viral mRNAs that do not require eIF4E is blocked by the inhibitor 4EGI-1Redondo, Natalia ; García-Moreno, Manuel ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
openAccessCarrascoL_TranslationWithoutElF2Promoted.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2011Translation without eiF2 promoted by poliovirus 2A proteaseRedondo, Natalia ; Sanz, Miguel Ángel ; Welnowska, Ewelina ; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo
closedAccess18-Apr-2007Viral Translation Is Coupled to Transcription in Sindbis Virus-Infected CellsSanz, Miguel Ángel ; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis artículo