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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccess2017A flexible hardware-in-the-loop architecture for UAVsLepej, Peter; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Solà, Joan comunicación de congreso
openAccessAutonomous navigation_SantamariaNavarro.pdf.jpgAug-2018Autonomous navigation of micro aerial vehicles using high-rate and low-cost sensorsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Loianno, Giuseppe; Solà, Joan ; Kumar Vijay; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo
openAccess2014Hierarchical task control for aerial inspectionSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2015High-frequency MAV state estimation using low-cost inertial and optical flow measurement unitsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  comunicación de congreso
openAccessHierarchical-Task.pdf.jpg2016Hybrid visual servoing with hierarchical task composition for aerial manipulationLippiello, Vincenzo; Cacace, Jonathan; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  ; Trujillo, Miguel Ángel; Rodríguez Esteves, Yamnia; Viguria, Antidioartículo
openAccess2017Nonlinear model predictive control for aerial manipulationLunni, Dario; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Rossi, Roberto; Rocco, Paolo; Bascetta, Luca; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  comunicación de congreso
openAccess2019Odometry estimation for aerial manipulationSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  capítulo de libro
openAccess2016Planar PØP: Feature-less pose estimation with applications in UAV localizationAmor-Martinez, Adrian; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Herrero, Fernando ; Ruiz, Alberto ; Sanfeliu, Alberto  comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Preface: Visual Guidance of Unmanned Aerial ManipulatorsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  capítulo de libro
openAccessAerial-Manipulation.pdf.jpg2014Task priority control for aerial manipulationSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Lippiello, Vincenzo; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  comunicación de congreso
openAccessTerrain Classification.pdf.jpg2015Terrain classification in complex three-dimensional outdoor environmentsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Teniente, Ernesto H. ; Morta, Martí ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo
openAccessAEROARMS Project_Ollero.pdf.jpgDec-2018The AEROARMS Project: Aerial robots with advanced manipulation capabilities for inspection and maintenanceOllero, Anibal; Heredia, Guillermo; Franchi, Antonio; Antonelli, Gianluca; Kondak, Konstantin; Sanfeliu, Alberto  ; Viguria, Antidio; Martinez-de Dios, J. Ramiro; Pierri, Francesco; Cortés, Juan; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Trujillo, Miguel Ángel; Balachandran, Ribin; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  ; Rodriguez, Angelartículo
openAccess2017Trajectory generation for unmanned aerial manipulators through quadratic programmingRossi, Roberto; Santamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  ; Rocco, Paoloartículo
openAccessUncalibrated image.pdf.jpg2013Uncalibrated image-based visual servoingSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  comunicación de congreso
openAccessUncalibratedUnmanned.pdf.jpg2017Uncalibrated visual servo for unmanned aerial manipulationSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Grosch, Patrick ; Lippiello, Vincenzo; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo
openAccessTASM1d1.pdf.jpg2017Visual guidance of unmanned aerial manipulatorsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel tesis doctoral
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Visual Guidance of Unmanned Aerial ManipulatorsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Solà, Joan ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  libro
openAccess2019Visual servoing of aerial manipulatorsSantamaria-Navarro, Àngel ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  ; Lippiello, Vincenzocapítulo de libro