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openAccess11-Dec-2020Cytokine reaction systems for reactions to biomaterialsSanchis, Ana ; Burdó-Masferrer, Mireia; Fernández Sánchez, César; Baldi, Antonio; Marco, María Pilar actas de congreso
openAccessDevelopment and validation of a multianalyte immunoassay.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2019Development and validation of a multianalyte immunoassay for the quantification of environmental pollutants in seawater samples from the Catalonia coastal areaSanchis, Ana ; Bosch-Orea, Cristina ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Marco, María Pilar ; Farré, Marinella artículo
openAccess-WBC2020_2632_WBC2020.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2020Development of an immune competent gastrointestinal barrier model as a toolkit for biomaterial risk assessmentFischer, Leanne; Tanase, Constantin; Sanchis, Ana ; Marco, María Pilar ; Gribova, Varvara; Lavalle, Phillippe; Vrana, Nihal Engin; Ghaemmaghami, Amiractas de congreso
openAccessDevelopment of Novel Magneto-Biosensor for Sulfapyridine Detection.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2020Development of Novel Magneto-Biosensor for Sulfapyridine DetectionJamshaid, Talha; Tenório-Neto, Ernandes Taveira; Baraket, Abdellatif; Lebaz, Noureddine; Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Sanchis, Ana ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Marco, María Pilar ; Bausells, Joan ; Errachid, Abdelhamid; Zine, Nadiaartículo
openAccess2013 J Invest Dermatol 133-361_auth_vers.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2012Epidermal inactivation of the glucocorticoid receptor triggers skin barrier defects and cutaneous inflammation.Sevilla, Lisa M. ; Latorre, Víctor; Sanchis, Ana ; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccess1-Jul-2018Fluorescent microarray for multiplexed quantification of environmental contaminants in seawater samplesSanchis, Ana ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Campbell, Katrina; Elliott, Christopher T.; Shelver, Weilin L.; Li, Qingxiao; Marco, María Pilar artículo
openAccessMIREIA BURDO MASFERRER_Abstract_MicroTAS.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2019FULLY AUTOMATED BEAD-BASED AFFINITY ASSAYS WITH PHOTOTHERMALLY ACTUATED WAX VALVESBurdó-Masferrer, Mireia; Díaz-González, María; Sanchis, Ana ; Marco, María Pilar ; Fernández Sánchez, César ; Baldi, Antonioactas de congreso
openAccessFULLY AUTOMATED IMMUNOASSAY IN A LAB-ON-A-FOIL DEVICE WITH.pdf.jpgOct-2020Fully automated immunoassay in a lab-on-a-foil device with LED-actuated valvesBurdó-Masferrer, Mireia; Díaz-González, María; Sanchis, Ana ; Marco, María Pilar ; Fernández-Sánchez, C.; Baldi, A.comunicación de congreso
openAccess2010 Int J Dev Biol 54-1473.pdf.jpg2010Glucocorticoid receptor antagonizes EGFR function to regulate eyelid development.Sanchis, Ana ; Bayo, Pilar ; Sevilla, Lisa M. ; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccessEndocrinology_2007ahead of print.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2007Glucocorticoid receptor is required for skin barrier competenceBayo, Pilar ; Sanchis, Ana ; Bravo, Ana; Cascallana, José Luis; Buder, Katrin; Tuckermann, Jan; Schütz, Günther; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccess2010 Mol Endocrinol 24-2166 auth vers.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2010Glucocorticoid receptor regulates overlapping and differential gene subsets in developing and adult skinSevilla, Lisa M. ; Bayo, Pilar ; Latorre, Víctor; Sanchis, Ana ; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccess1-Sep-2018Immunoassay and amperometric biosensor approaches for the detection of deltamethrin in seawaterFruhmann, Philipp; Sanchis, Ana ; Mayerhuber, Lisa; Vanka, Tünde; Kleber, Christoph; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Marco, María Pilar artículo
openAccessPlosOne 007-e29701.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2012Keratinocyte-targeted overexpression of the glucocorticoid receptor delays cutaneous wound healingSanchis, Ana ; Alba, Lorena; Latorre, Víctor; Sevilla, Lisa M. ; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccess1-Jan-2019Light-induced mechanisms for nanocarrier's cargo releaseSanchis, Ana ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Marco, María Pilar artículo
openAccess2019 Exp Mol Med 51-65.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2019Metformin treatment reduces motor and neuropsychiatric phenotypes in the zQ175 mouse model of Huntington diseaseSanchis, Ana ; García-Gimeno, María Adelaida ; Cañada-Martínez, Antonio José; Sequedo, María Dolores; Millán, José María; Sanz, Pascual  ; Vázquez-Manrique, Rafael P. artículo
openAccess16-Oct-2016Modular Optofluidic Systems (MOPS)Ackermann, Tobias N. Dietvorst, Jiri; Sanchis, Ana ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Munoz-Berbel, Xavier; Alvarez-Conde, Erica; Kopp, Daniel; Zappe, Han; Marco, María Pilar ; Llobera, Andreuactas de congreso
closedAccessSep-2018Multiplexed immunochemical techniques for the detection of pollutants in aquatic environmentsSanchis, Ana ; Salvador, Juan Pablo ; Marco, María Pilar artículo
openAccesssensors-20-05532-s001.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2020Multiplexed Immunosensor Based on the Amperometric Transduction for Monitoring of Marine Pollutants in Sea WaterSalvador, Juan Pablo ; Kopper, Klaudia; Miti, Andrea; Sanchis, Ana ; Marco, María Pilar artículo
openAccess2013 J Invest Dermatol  author version.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2013Selective ablation of glucocorticoid receptor in mouse keratinocytes increases susceptibility to skin tumorigenesis.Latorre, Víctor; Sevilla, Lisa M. ; Sanchis, Ana ; Pérez, Paloma  artículo
openAccessWBC2020-1762-preview-8.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2020Three dimensional multicellular hepatic organoid model for in vitro biomaterial risk assessmentTanase, Constantin; Sanchis, Ana ; Goulleh, Marcus; Nasiri, Rohollah; Dokmeci, Mehmet R.; Vrana, Nihal Engin; Khademhosseini, Ali; Marco, María Pilar ; Ghaemmaghami, Amiractas de congreso