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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessSabin.pdf.jpg2008A classification of entanglement in three-qubit systemsSabín, Carlos ; García-Alcaine, Guillermopreprint
openAccessAnalogue Quantum.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2018Analogue quantum simulation of wormholes and exotic spacetimesSabín, Carlos comunicación de congreso
openAccess0810.2246v1.pdf.jpgApr-2009Atom–atom entanglement generated at early times by two-photon emissionLeón, Juan ; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccessSabin.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2011Bipartite entanglement of localized separated systemsSabín, Carlos tesis doctoral
openAccessLeon.pdf.jpgJan-2009A case of entanglement generation between causally disconnected atomsLeón, Juan ; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccess27-Jan-2020Closed timelike curves and chronology protection in quantum and classical simulatorsMartín-Vázquez, G.; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccesse024516.pdf.jpgJul-2011Detecting ground-state qubit self-excitations in circuit QED: A slow quantum anti-Zeno effectSabín, Carlos ; León, Juan ; García-Ripoll, Juan José artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Detecting ground-state qubit self-excitations: a slow quantum anti-Zeno effectSabín, Carlos ; León, Juan ; García-Ripoll, Juan José artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2010Detecting vacuum self-excitations:slow quantum anti-Zeno effectSabín, Carlos comunicación de congreso
openAccessDigital_Sabin_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Digital Quantum Simulation of Linear and Nonlinear Optical ElementsSabín, Carlos artículo
openAccess14-Jan-2019Dirac equation in exotic spacetimesFaba-García, Javier; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccessDynamical Casimir.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2017Dynamical Casimir effect as a resource for boson sampling architecturesSabín, Carlos comunicación de congreso
openAccessDynamical Casimir.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2018Dynamical Casimir Effect for Gaussian Boson SamplingPeropadre, Borja ; Huh, Joonsuk; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccessBorrelli.pdf.jpg2012Dynamics of atom-atom correlations in the Fermi problemBorrelli, Massimo; Sabín, Carlos ; Adesso, Gerardo; Plastina, Francesco; Maniscalco, Sabrinapreprint
openAccessQFT_in_cQED-07-04-10.pdf.jpg4-May-2010Dynamics of entanglement via propagating microwave photonsSabín, Carlos ; García-Ripoll, Juan José ; Solano, Enrique; León, Juan artículo
openAccessSabín.pdf.jpg2012Encoding relativistic potential dynamics into free evolutionSabín, Carlos ; Casanova, Jorge; García-Ripoll, Juan José ; Lamata, Lucas ; Solano, Enrique; León, Juan preprint
openAccess5-Apr-2019Entanglement generation and simultaneity with superconducting qubitsSabín, Carlos póster de congreso
openAccessEntanglement.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2017Entanglement of superconducting qubits via acceleration radiationGarcía-Álvarez, Laura; Fellicetti, Simone; Rico, Enrique; Solano, Enrique; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccessPRA78-052314-2008_pd.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2008Entanglement swapping between spacelike-separated atomsLeón, Juan ; Sabín, Carlos artículo
openAccessEntanglement through qubit .pdf.jpg15-Jul-2019Entanglement through qubit motion and the dynamical Casimir effectAgustí, Andrés; Solano, Enrique; Sabín, Carlos comunicación de congreso