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openAccessPostprint_FOODCHEM_2015_V171_P50.pdf.jpg2015Combined use of nitrogen and coatings to improve the quality of mechanically harvested Manzanilla olivesRamírez, Eva ; Sánchez, Antonio Higinio; Romero Barranco, Concepción ; Brenes Balbuena, Manuel  artículo
openAccessPostprint_Food_Addit_Cont_A_2014_V31_P242_Figure1.tif.jpg2014Comparative study of the use of sarcosine, proline and glycine as acrylamide inhibitors in ripe olive processingSánchez, Antonio Higinio; Beato, Víctor Manuel ; López-López, Antonio  ; Montaño, Alfredo  artículo
openAccessPostprint_JFPP_2014_V38_P905_Figure1 (sulfites).tif.jpg2014Effect of sulfites and sorbates on the preservation and color of pickled blanched garlic under different storage conditionsCasado, Francisco Javier ; Sánchez, Antonio Higinio; Beato, Víctor Manuel ; Castro Gómez-Millán, Antonio de  ; Montaño, Alfredo  artículo
openAccessPostprint_J_Food_Eng_2014_V120_P9.pdf.jpg2014Effects of selected amino acids and water-soluble vitamins on acrylamide formation in a ripe olive model systemLópez-López, Antonio  ; Beato, Víctor Manuel ; Sánchez, Antonio Higinio; García García, Pedro  ; Montaño, Alfredo  artículo
openAccess2014Stability of monosodium glutamate in green table olives and pickled cucumbers as a function of packing conditions and storage timeCastro Gómez-Millán, Antonio de  ; Sánchez, Antonio Higinio; Beato, Víctor Manuel ; Casado, Francisco Javier ; Montaño, Alfredo  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Table olives: varieties and variationsRejano Navarro, Luis ; Montaño, Alfredo  ; Casado, Francisco Javier ; Sánchez, Antonio Higinio; Castro Gómez-Millán, Antonio de capítulo de libro