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openAccess1109.1278v1.pdf.jpgDec-2011A multiwavelength study of binary quasars and their environmentsGreen, Paul J.; Ruiz, Ángelartículo
openAccessanobscured.pdf.jpg2020An obscured AGN population hidden in the VIPERS galaxies: identification through spectral energy distribution decompositionPouliasis, E.; Mountrichas, G.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Ruiz, Ángel; Yang, M.; Bonanos, A. Z.artículo
openAccessSpitzer-IRS spectra.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of Spitzer-IRS spectra of hyperluminous infrared galaxiesRuiz, Ángel; Risaliti, G.; Nardini, E.; Panessa, Francesca ; Carrera, Francisco J.  artículo
openAccessestitecni.pdf.jpg2017Estimating photometric redshifts for X-ray sources in the X-ATLAS field using machine-learning techniquesMountrichas, G.; Corral, Amalia  ; Masoura, V. A.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Ruiz, Ángel; Georgakakis, A.; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Fotopoulou, S.artículo
openAccess2015Exploring the active galactic nuclei population with extreme X-ray-to-optical flux ratios (fx/fo > 50)Della Ceca, R.; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Caccianiga, A.; Severgnini, P.; Ballo, Lucía ; Braito, V.; Corral, Amalia  ; Moro, A. del; Mateos, Silvia  ; Ruiz, Ángel; Watson, M. G.artículo
openAccessobscurAGN.pdf.jpg2020Obscuration properties of mid-IR-selected AGNMountrichas, G.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Ruiz, Ángel; Kampylis, G.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015[OIII] emitting galaxies in the SDSS-dr10/3XMMe/WISE cross-correlationRuiz, Ángel; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Alonso-Herrero, A. ; Mateos, Silvia  comunicación de congreso
openAccessThesis_Angel_Ruiz.pdf.jpgSep-2010Propiedades Multifrecuencia de Galaxias Hiperluminosas en el InfrarrojoRuiz, Ángeltesis doctoral
openAccesstrue type 2 Seyfert.pdf.jpg2012Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of true type 2 Seyfert galaxiesBianchi, Stefano; Panessa, Francesca ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; La Franca, Fabio; Matt, Giorgio; Onori, Francesca; Wolter, Anna; Corral, Amalia  ; Monaco, Lorenzo; Ruiz, Ángel; Brightman, Murrayartículo
openAccessSpectral energy distribution.pdf.jpgJun-2010Spectral energy distribution of hyperluminous infrared galaxiesRuiz, Ángel; Miniutti, Giovanni ; Panessa, Francesca ; Carrera, Francisco J.  artículo
openAccessruiz_a.pdf.jpg30-May-2008Spectral Energy Distribution of Spectral Energy Distribution of Hyper-Luminous Infrared GalaxiesRuiz, Ángel; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Panessa, Francesca ; Miniutti, Giovanni presentación
openAccessMIXRsample.pdf.jpg2016The MIXR sample: AGN activity versus star formation across the cross-correlation of WISE, 3XMM, and FIRST/NVSSMingo, B.; Watson, M. G.; Rosen, Simon; Hardcastle, M.; Ruiz, Ángel; Blain, A.; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Mateos, Silvia  ; Pineau, F. X.; Stewart, G. C.artículo
openAccessUncovering obscured.pdf.jpg2013Uncovering obscured luminous AGN with WISEMateos, Silvia  ; Alonso-Herrero, A. ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Blain, A.; Severgnini, P.; Caccianiga, A.; Ruiz, Ángelartículo
openAccessXMNNewt.pdf.jpg24-May-2007An XMM-Newton study of hyper-luminous infrared galaxiesRuiz, Ángel; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Panessa, Francesca artículo