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openAccessAndres_Solid_Earth_7_827.pdf.jpg2016Basement structure of the Hontomín CO2 storage site (Spain) determined by integration of microgravity and 3-D seismic dataAndrés, Juvenal CSIC ORCID ; Saura, Eduard CSIC ORCID; Marzán, Ignacio ; Martí, David CSIC ORCID ; Carbonell, Ramón CSIC ORCID ; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés CSIC; Rubio, Félix M.artículo
openAccess19-Apr-2021Characterization of a relative gravity minimum in the core of the Pyrenean Axial Zone (Central Pyrenees)Clariana, Pilar; Soto, Ruth CSIC ORCID; Ayala, C. CSIC ORCID ; Margalef, A.; Casas-Sainz, Antonio; Román-Berdiel, T.; Pueyo, Emilio L.; Rey-Moral, Carmen; Oliva-Urcia, Belén CSIC ORCID; Beamud, Elisabet CSIC ORCID ; Rubio, Félix M.comunicación de congreso
openAccess4-May-2020Density and magnetic susceptibility relationships in non-magnetic granites; a “wildcard” for modeling potential fields geophysical dataPueyo, Emilio L.; Román-Berdiel, T.; Ayala, C. CSIC ORCID ; Loi, Francesca; Soto, Ruth CSIC ORCID; Beamud, Elisabet CSIC ORCID ; Fernandez de Arévalo, Elena; Gimeno, Ana; Galan, Luis; Schamuells, Stefania; Bach-Oller, Nuria ; Clariana, Pilar; Rubio, Félix M.; Casas-Sainz, A.M.; Oliva-Urcia, Belén CSIC ORCID; García-Lobón, J.L.; Rey, Carmen; Martí Molist, Joan CSIC ORCID comunicación de congreso
openAccessAyala_EGU2019-8956.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2019Integration of geological and geophysical data to constrain basement host rock architecture in the Central PyreneesClariana, Pilar; Soto, Ruth CSIC ORCID; Ayala, C. CSIC ORCID ; Casas-Sainz, A.M.; Román-Berdiel, T.; Oliva-Urcia, Belén CSIC ORCID; Beamud, Elisabet CSIC ORCID ; Rey, Carmen; Rubio, Félix M.póster de congreso
openAccessAyala_Geophysical_Prospecting_1.pdf.jpgJan-2019Three‐dimensional geophysical characterization of the La Rambla and Zafra de Záncara anticlines (Loranca Basin, Central Spain)Ayala, C. CSIC ORCID ; Rubio, Félix M.; Rey-Moral, C.; Reguera, M.I.; Biete, Cristina CSIC ORCID artículo