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openAccesschicken_endoglin_Rossi.pdf.jpg2012Characterization of chicken endoglin, a member of the zona pellucida family of proteins, and its tissue expressionRossi, Elisa; Langa, Carmen ; Gilsanz, Álvaro; Blanco, Francisco J.  ; Ayllón, Juan; Villar, Enrique; Botella, Luisa María  ; Cabañas, Carlos  ; Shaw, Marlene; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccessRossi et al-Postprint 2017.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2017Co-injection of mesenchymal stem cells with endothelial progenitor cells accelerates muscle recovery in hind limb ischemia through an endoglin-dependent mechanismRossi, Elisa; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Smadja, David M.artículo
openAccessRuiz-Llorente EOTT 2017  .pdf.jpgOct-2017Endoglin and alk1 as therapeutic targets for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasiaRuiz-Llorente, Lidia ; Gallardo-Vara, Eunate ; Rossi, Elisa; Smadja, David M.; Botella, Luisa María  ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccessfmed_Rossi_2019.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2019Endoglin as an adhesion molecule in mature and progenitor endothelial cells: a function beyond TGF-βRossi, Elisa; Bernabéu, Carmelo  ; Smadja, David M.artículo
openAccessPostprint Rossi et al. Toulouse 2015.pdf.jpgApr-2015Endoglin in adhesion between endothelial and mural cellsRossi, Elisa; Langa, Carmen ; Botella, Luisa María  ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  comunicación de congreso
openAccessfgene-E. Rossi-2015.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Endoglin involvement in integrin-mediated cell adhesion as a putative pathogenic mechanism in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1 (HHT1)Rossi, Elisa; López-Novoa, José M.; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccessCel.Mol. Life.Scien_Rossi_2015.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2015Endoglin regulates mural cell adhesion in the circulatory systemRossi, Elisa; Langa, Carmen ; Luis Gamella-Pozuelo; Botella, Luisa María  ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Endothelial endoglin is involved in inflammation: Role in leukocyte adhesion and transmigrationRossi, Elisa; Sanz-Rodriguez, Francisco; Eleno, Nélida; Düwell, Annette; Blanco, Francisco J.  ; Langa, Carmen ; Botella, Luisa María  ; Cabañas, Carlos  ; López-Novoa, José M.; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccessRev. esp. enferm. dig. 2011, 103 (12) Elisa Rossi..pdf.jpg2011Epidermal growth factor receptor overexpression/amplification in adenocarcinomas arising in the gastrointestinal tractRossi, Elisa; Villanacci, Vincenzo; Danesino, Cesare; Donato, Francesco; Nascimbeni, Riccardo; Bassotti, Gabrioartículo
openAccessRossi2018_Article_HumanEndoglinAsAPotentialNewPa.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2017Human endoglin as a potential new partner involved in platelet–endothelium interactionsRossi, Elisa; Blanco, Francisco J.  ; Langa, Carmen ; González-Manchón, Consuelo  ; Bernabéu, Carmelo  artículo
openAccess1479-5876-11-162.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2013Secretoglobin expression in ovarian carcinoma: lipophilin B gene upregulation as an independent marker of better prognosisBignotti, Eliana; Rossi, Elisa; Santin, Alessandro Dartículo