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closedAccess2008Effects of Ce-containing sol–gel coatings reinforced with SiO2 nanoparticles on the protection of AA2024Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Pellice, Sergio A. ; Durán, Alicia  artículo
closedAccess2011Glass-like CexOy sol–gel coatings for corrosion protection of aluminium and magnesium alloysRosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Curioni, M.; Castro Martín, Yolanda ; Aparicio, Mario ; Thompson, G. E.; Durán, Alicia  artículo
closedAccess2009Improved corrosion resistance of AA2024 alloys through hybrid organic–inorganic sol–gel coatings produced from sols with controlled polymerisationRosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Pellice, Sergio A. ; Castro Martín, Yolanda artículo
closedAccess2010Influence of cerium concentration on the structure and properties of silica-methacrylate sol–gel coatingsRosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Figiel, Pawelartículo
openAccessBSECV-30-1-2012.pdf.jpg2009Inhibition effect of cerium in hybrid sol–gel films on aluminium alloy AA2024Paussa, Lucas; Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Andreatta, F.; Castro Martín, Yolanda ; Durán, Alicia  ; Aparicio, Mario ; Fedrizzi, L.artículo
openAccess03-12-2012.pdf.jpg2008Multilayer silica-methacrylate hybrid coatings prepared by sol–gel on stainless steel 316L: Electrochemical evaluationLópez, Damián A.; Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolinaartículo
closedAccess2010Optimization of hybrid sol–gel coatings by combination of layers with complementary properties for corrosion protection of AA2024Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Paussa, Lucas; Andreatta, F.artículo
openAccesstesis-carolina-rosero.pdf.jpg2011Recubrimientos producidos por sol-gel con inhibidores de corrosión para la protección activa de aleaciones ligerasRosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolinatesis doctoral
openAccess2359550_A1.pdf.jpg24-May-2011Recubrimientos vítreos realizados por sol-gel para la protección de metales frente a la corrosiónDurán, Alicia  ; Aparicio, Mario ; Castro Martín, Yolanda ; Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolinasolicitud de patente
openAccessbsecv-10-abril-2012.pdf.jpg2012Study of the effect of cerium nitrate on AA2024-T3 by means of electrochemical micro-cell techniquePaussa, Lucas; Andreatta, F.; Rosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Durán, Alicia  ; Fedrizzi, L.artículo
openAccessWO2011058209A1.pdf.jpg19-May-2011Vitreous coatings made using the sol-gel process for protecting metals against corrosionRosero-Navarro, Nataly Carolina; Castro Martín, Yolanda ; Aparicio, Mario ; Durán, Alicia  solicitud de patente