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openAccess4-Nov-2010A simple, general route to 2-pyridylidene transition metal complexesRoselló-Merino, Marta ; Díez, Josefina; Conejero, Salvador Artículo
openAccessBHcomplex.pdf.jpg2016Catalytic dehydrocoupling of amine-boranes and amines into diaminoboranes: isolation of a Pt(II), Shimoi-type, η1-BH complexRoselló-Merino, Marta ; Rama, Raquel J.; Díez, Josefina; Conejero, Salvador Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Coordinatively unsaturated T-shaped platinum(II) complexes stabilized by small N-heterocyclic carbene ligands. synthesis and cyclometalationRoselló-Merino, Marta ; Rivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes ; Ortuño, Manuel A.; Vidossich, Pietro; Diez, Josefina; Lledós, Agustí; Conejero, Salvador Artículo
openAccessPt(IV)-FINAL.pdf.jpg2014Formation of C−X Bonds Through Stable Low-Electron Count Cationic Pt(IV) Alkyl Complexes Stabilized by N-Heterocyclic CarbenesRivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes ; Roselló-Merino, Marta ; Díez, Josefina; Maya, Celia ; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Conejero, Salvador Artículo
openAccessDaltonTrans.pdf.jpg2014Hemilability of P(X)N-type ligands (X = O, N–H): rollover cyclometalation and benzene C–H activation from (P(X)N)PtMe2 complexesScheuermann, Margaret L.; Grice, Kyle A.; Ruppel, Matthew J.; Roselló-Merino, Marta ; Kaminsky, Werner; Goldberg, Karen I.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Reactivity of coordinatively unsaturated bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) Pt(II) complexes toward H2. Crystal structure of a 14-electron Pt(II) hydride complexRivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes ; Roselló-Merino, Marta ; Gutiérrez-Puebla, Enrique ; Lledós, Agustí; Conejero, Salvador Artículo
openAccess2018Selective catalytic synthesis of amino-silanes at part-per million catalyst loadingsRíos, Pablo; Roselló-Merino, Marta ; Rivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes ; Borge, Javier; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Conejero, Salvador Artículo