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openAccessSciRep2019-Romero.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2019A sweet orange mutant impaired in carotenoid biosynthesis and reduced ABA levels results in altered molecular responses along peel ripeningRomero, Paco ; Lafuente, María Teresa ; Rodrigo, María Jesús artículo
openAccessTesis F Romero.pdf.jpgDec-2012ABA-deficiency and molecular mechanisms involved in the dehydration response and ripening of citrus fruitRomero, Paco tesis doctoral
openAccessfpls-11-594184.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2020Abscisic Acid Deficiency Alters Epicuticular Wax Metabolism and Morphology That Leads to Increased Cuticle Permeability During Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Fruit RipeningRomero, Paco ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
embargoedAccessFoodChem2021-Lafuente.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2020Coordinated activation of the metabolic pathways induced by LED blue light in citrus fruitLafuente, María Teresa ; Romero, Paco ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  artículo
openAccessSciRep2019-Carrio.pdf.jpg2019Copper transporter COPT5 participates in the crosstalk between vacuolar copper and iron pools mobilisationCarrió Seguí, Àngela; Romero, Paco ; Curie, Catherine; Mari, Stéphane; Peñarrubia, Lolaartículo
openAccessMCP-Estables-2016.pdf.jpgMar-2016Inhibiting ethylene perception with 1-methylcyclopropene triggers molecular responses aimed to cope with cell toxicity and increased respiration in citrus fruitsEstablés Ortiz, Beatriz A. ; Romero, Paco ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
openAccessSciRep2020-Romero.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2020Insights into the regulation of molecular mechanisms involved in energy shortage in detached citrus fruitRomero, Paco ; Alférez, Fernando ; Establés-Ortiz, Beatriz; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
embargoedAccessPBT2021_Lafuente.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2021Interrelation between ABA and phospholipases D, C and A2 in early responses of citrus fruit to Penicillium digitatum infectionLafuente, Teresa; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; Hollan, Nely; Cerveró, Jordi; Romero, Paco artículo
embargoedAccessPostharvBiolTechn2020-Romero.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2020Involvement of phospholipases and sucrose in carbon starvation-induced non-chilling peel pitting in citrus fruitRomero, Paco ; Alférez, Fernando ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo
openAccessJEXBOT-2011-Lafuente.pdf.jpg2012Unravelling molecular responses to moderate dehydration in harvested fruit of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) using a fruit-specific ABA-deficient mutantRomero, Paco ; Rodrigo, María Jesús ; Alférez, Fernando ; Ballester Frutos, Ana Rosa  ; González-Candelas, Luis  ; Zacarías, Lorenzo  ; Lafuente, María Teresa artículo