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openAccessSilva_2DMat_2017_postprint.pdf.jpgJun-2017Anisotropic features in the electronic structure of the two-dimensional transition metal trichalcogenide TiS3: electron doping and plasmonsSilva Guillén, José Ángel; Canadell, Enric ; Ordejón, Pablo ; Guinea, F. ; Roldán, Rafael Artículo
openAccessCollisionless hydrodynamics.pdf.jpg2013Collisionless hydrodynamics of doped graphene in a magnetic fieldRoldán, Rafael ; Fuchs, J. -N.; Goerbig, M. O.Artículo
openAccessDielectric screening.pdf.jpg2013Dielectric screening and plasmons in AA-stacked bilayer grapheneRoldán, Rafael ; Brey, Luis Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2014Effect of point defects on the optical and transport properties of MoS2 and WS2Yuan, Shengjun; Roldán, Rafael ; Katsnelson, M. I.; Guinea, F. Artículo
openAccessEffects of structural.pdf.jpg2013Effects of structural and chemical disorders on the vis/UV spectra of carbonaceous interstellar grainsPapoular, Robert J.; Yuan, Shengjun; Roldán, Rafael ; Katsnelson, M. I.; Papoular, RenaudArtículo
openAccessElectric-Field Screening.pdf.jpg2013Electric-field screening in atomically thin layers of MoS2: The role of interlayer couplingCastellanos-Gómez, Andrés ; Cappelluti, E. ; Roldán, Rafael ; Agraït, Nicolás; Guinea, F. ; Rubio-Bollinger, GabinoArtículo
openAccessapplsci-06-00284.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2016Electronic Band Structure of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides from Ab Initio and Slater–Koster Tight-Binding ModelSilva-Guillén, José Ángel; San-José, Pablo ; Roldán, Rafael Artículo
openAccessElectronic properties.pdf.jpg2013Electronic properties of disordered graphene antidot latticesYuan, Shengjun; Roldán, Rafael ; Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Katsnelson, M. I.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Electronic properties of single-layer and multilayer transition metal dichalcogenides MX2 (M = Mo, W and X = S, Se)Roldán, Rafael ; Silva-Guillén, José Ángel; López-Sancho, María Pilar ; Guinea, F. ; Cappelluti, E. ; Ordejón, Pablo Artículo
openAccessheavily doped MoS2.pdf.jpg2013Interactions and superconductivity in heavily doped MoS2Roldán, Rafael ; Cappelluti, E. ; Guinea, F. Artículo
openAccessLocal strain.pdf.jpg2013Local strain engineering in atomically thin MoS2Castellanos-Gómez, Andrés ; Roldán, Rafael ; Cappelluti, E. ; Buscema, M.; Guinea, F. ; Zant, Herre S. J. van der; Steele, Gary A.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Momentum dependence of spin-orbit interaction effects in single-layer and multi-layer transition metal dichalcogenidesRoldán, Rafael ; López-Sancho, María Pilar ; Guinea, F. ; Cappelluti, E. ; Silva-Guillén, José Ángel; Ordejón, Pablo Artículo
openAccessPlasmonsandScreening.pdf.jpg2014Plasmons and screening in monolayer and multilayer black phosphorusLow, Tony; Roldán, Rafael ; Wang, Han; Xia, Fengnian; Avouris, Phaedon; Martín-Moreno, Luis; Guinea, F. Artículo
openAccessScreening and collective.pdf.jpg2013Screening and collective modes in disordered graphene antidot latticesYuan, Shengjun; Jin, Fengping; Roldán, Rafael ; Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Katsnelson, M. I.Artículo
openAccessSpin-orbit-mediated spin.pdf.jpg2013Spin-orbit-mediated spin relaxation in monolayer MoS2Ochoa, Héctor; Roldán, Rafael Artículo
embargoedAccessSilva_ACSPhot_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2018Strain Tuning of the Anisotropy in the Optoelectronic Properties of TiS3Silva-Guillén, José Ángel; Canadell, Enric ; Guinea, F. ; Roldán, Rafael Artículo
openAccessTight-binding model.pdf.jpg2013Tight-binding model and direct-gap/indirect-gap transition in single-layer and multilayer MoS2Cappelluti, E. ; Roldán, Rafael ; Silva-Guillén, José Ángel; Ordejón, Pablo ; Guinea, F. Artículo